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  • Let me start by saying, I am a WordPress fanboy, and use it more than any other CMS platform.

    That being said, I’m getting a little perturbed that WordPress has come this far and still does not officially support any solution for custom content types, besides jerry-rigging post categories and custom fields (an ugly and un-intuitive solution for the end user).

    I understand its a “blogging platform”, but come on, it is obvious that it is the most easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-theme-for CMS platform out there. It wins awards for something its not even designed to do! Acknowledge the fact that millions of people use the platform as a fully-fledged content management system and not just as a blog, and throw us a bone!

    I would KILL for built in support for creating custom content types (IE: being able create separate write panels for different types of content, such as “portfolio posts” and “events”) each with their own, exclusive set of custom fields.

    Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern ALL have this feature in one shape or another, and yet they pale in comparison to the ease-of-use of WordPress.

    Sure, there are some 3rd party solutions out there, but most of them are poorly maintained, poorly executed, or simply cannot keep up with the rapid releases of new versions of WordPress (and the subsequent rearrangements of WP db tables).

    Will we ever see official support for something like this?

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  • I thought 2.8.x had basic support for custom content types? 2.9 has extended that quite a bit, with more on the drawing board for 3.0 (according to the blog post on the 2.9 release)

    Interesting, thanks for heads up Mik.

    After reading about it for a bit, from what I understand the support is there, but it is only capable of registering a new type as being searchable or not. In addition, you can only do that in plugins (or in a functions.php file in your theme, I suppose).

    It seems they have it on the agenda, then, but we are a ways from officially-supported fully functional custom content types then, with unique custom field sets and write panels.

    Here’s to hoping for 3.0!

    Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern ALL have this feature in one shape or another, and yet they pale in comparison to the ease-of-use of WordPress.

    Hmmm.. I see a connection here. Perhaps WordPress is very easy to use because it doesn’t have core support for these fringe cases?

    I think that custom post types and such is a good thing, but I’d really not want to see support for configurable custom write panels and such in the core code. This strikes me as something that should be in a plugin.

    Adding core support for the base functionality is happening though. Slowly.

    I too would love to see more custom types being added.

    In the 2.9 blog post listed above it says “Custom post types have been upgraded with better API support so you can juggle more types than just post, page, and attachment. (More of this planned for 3.0.)” but that’s just the page types. I’d like to see the ability to store multiple fields associated with each page.

    Here is an example of my use of a custom type and what I’d like from WordPress. I wrote the back-end for this wordpress-based restaurant review website and unfortunately, had to do a lot of stuff outside of wordpress. You see, each post doesn’t just have the text, it has multiple fields: review, cuisine, cost, address, website, hours, etc. Each of which must be entered separately and must be displayed in the correct place.

    And right now I hand-craft the code to store and retrieve these data. And the “Write a new review” page is again hand-crafted, bypassing the wordpress add a blog post page. This is always dangerous programming because one change in wordpress could cause me to have to rewrite much of my code, whereas if I could integrate better within wordpress, I’d be more immune to this effect. Plus, I could publish my plugin for others to use; as it stands now, it does too much outside of WordPress to support for general use.

    I know, the beauty of WordPress is its simplicity. And I agree with that. But some sort of multiple pieces of data support (adding, editing) would be great. For my review website, I’d still expect to have to code the template to display the reviews to my liking, and to have to code the whole search widget based on my specs.



    For anyone reading this later, the answer is “Yes” — see:


    … for starters. And look into “Custom Post Type UI” plugin.

    You could always test the release candidate.

    Full release should follow soon if the RC goes well.. 🙂

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