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  • Resolved Tim Derouin


    I am curious if this new editor will end up totally replacing TinyMCE as I have been reading articles that kind of suggest yes and others that say no.

    It is important to know as I have been developing WordPress themes for 6+ years and also custom WordPress training tutorials for every client. If the WordPress editor completely makes the switch to Gutenberg I worry that most editing instructions in the tutorials will no longer be relevant.

    In addition, will shortcodes still function in Gutenberg? I understand the blocks may be easier for folks to use but I have some custom shortcodes that do some pretty heavy lifting and I would hope they are still usable.


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  • Mel Choyce


    Hey Tim,

    Gutenberg isn’t built on top of TinyMCE, but it uses TinyMCE for a lot of blocks.

    From the FAQ:

    TinyMCE is one of the best tools for enabling rich text on the web. In Gutenberg, TinyMCE does exactly that. Nearly every textfield you’ll find is augmented with TinyMCE for rich text. Whether it be text, lists, or even just a single caption, TinyMCE can be invoked on blocks for rich text enhancements.

    Plugin Author Joen Asmussen


    I’d like to just echo Mels answer, no TinyMCE isn’t going away. To expand on the FAQ, Gutenberg is in fact making it easier for anyone authoring blocks to enhance a textfield with the rich text options that TinyMCE is providing.

    Closing as resolved.

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