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    I don’t understand why doesn’t have a search engine for the support forums!

    Any given plugin, for example, could have tens if not hundreds of pages of threads…though much of this information would be outdated, true, some of the most popular plugins have like over thirty pages of still-relevant topics that will only remain forever buried due to the lack of a search function!

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  • It does.

    Support Forums

    On the left hand side, third paragraph down…..

    Search the Support Forums
    Enter a few words that describe the problem you’re having.

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    Thanks, John…

    I definitely should have specified that I’d meant a search engine on each plugin’s support forum, devoted to search that plugin’s topics only…as it is, the general catch-all engine pulls up a lot of irrelevant stuff.

    Yes, that’s speaking to the quality of the search engine and not to the existence of one. I’m marking this thread as “resolved” because it is, technically — but if any core developers should happen by I would very much like to propose search engines that are somehow tuned specifically to each individual plugin’s support forums!

    Doing a Google search using this format seems to work pretty well to find relevant plugin issues/problems: “plugin name + the problem”. Of course if someone has created a vague thread topic then that thread topic may or may not show up in Google search results for the search terms you are searching for. ie “something broke – any ideas? – any thoughts?”.

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