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  • The upgrade to WP 4.2 broke Use Google Libraries. The Visual and Text buttons, plus Publish button (time and date) were broken. After deactivating all plugins and adding them back one-by-one the problem is Use Google Libraries (in use on a dozen WP sites; all with the same problem that occurred during the upgrade to WP 4.2.

    By deactivating Use Google Libraries all the edit and publish tools work OK.

    I realize that other plugins could also be at fault, perhaps conflicting with Use Google Libraries, but this issue was resolved on a number of sites simply by deactivating UGL.

    Plugin Author Jason Penney


    I’m pretty sure it’s not working correctly at the moment. I’d recommend you disable it at this time until there’s an update. I haven’t had the cycles to keep up with it, but I’ll get to it eventually.

    And I just found one of my sites with even more plugins than the others– and Use Google Libraries is working fine and no problems with the post text editor tools at all. Go figure.

    Plugin Author Jason Penney


    I can reproduce some issue with some of the theme related admin pages. I’m going to release a hotfix version that detects it’s running on >= 4.2 and just steps aside. That way it won’t break anyone’s site, and it’ll start working again when the real fix is out without people having to deactivate/reactive it manually.

    I noticed the plugin stopped working this morning after upgrading WordPress to 4.2. No admin pages issues here though.

    Thanks for staying on top of this as much as possible, Jason! Love your plugin btw 🙂

    on WP 4.2 getting this error message:
    “Use Google Libraries: Not yet qualified with this version of WordPress. Bypassing UGL.”

    Plugin Author Jason Penney


    That is by design. There is an issue I know impacte some pages on 4.2, so until I fix it, it will not do anything under 4.2, rather than break your site. You should only see that message if WP_DEBUG is enabled.


    Hey man – love using this. Any updates on it working now with 4.2?

    Any ETA?

    Hey Jason any updates on this? Would love to use it again!!

    We’d love to use it for our marketing agency. Still appears to be inactive for any websites post WordPress 4.1.

    Still not working on 4.2, did the devs give up on this? Any alternatives?

    Anyone know if this will be supported or updated in the future? Or should we abandon this permanently? Still unable to get it to work on Rush Hour Marketing.

    No news about this plugin being updated for versions > 4.2?

    Just posting here to get notified when/if the plugin is getting updated.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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