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    hey developers – do you intend to actually start helping people on the forums or are you completely oblivious to the fact that the ratings for your plugin are plummeting over the last few weeks? it would sure be nice if you didn’t release updates that broke people’s sites, then just ignore them. pretty frustrating, as i’m sure you can understand.

    so will you actually be addressing your users’ issues or should we assume you just don’t care people’s websites are dropping like flies?

    – very frustrated user

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  • Hey Ethan and everyone else

    Right now things seem pretty chaotic so let us do our best in helping the developers out. My own calendar is not working as well, but I have various options on how I want to respond.

    1. Get mad.
    2. Give them info on what is wrong, and hope that they will soon find a good solution to the problem(s).
    3. Ask how I can help.

    Frustration is in abundance right now, among the users as well as with the developers and others at so let us work on focusing in a best possible constructive way.

    The reason why I selected to use All in one Calendar is that it is a good calendar that I enjoy using. That is the experience I have had in general. Lately we are experiencing a bumpy ride. Let’s get through these bumps in the best possible way.

    Hello Ethan5150,

    I see that you have lost your events. Can you please login to your database and see if you have any data in wp_ai1ec-events.

    Do you have backup of you data?

    @paal Joachim Romdahl Thank you for your words šŸ™‚
    What’s wrong with your calendar?


    I spent the day yesterday reloading my entire site from backup. Unfortunately, it looks like I only backed up before I installed 2.0.5, not 2.0.4, so I’m back to the problem of it crashing every 15 minutes now… but hey, at least my events show up for 15 minutes at a time šŸ™‚

    I posted my errors on this thread:

    I lost my events in updating to 2.0.3 or perhaps it was 4. Clicking an existing event the event options do not show and nothing is seen in the content area.

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