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    I’ve noticed that if I try to set up a list in an answer, using the Yoast FAQ block, it is not possible – at least not without switching to the code editor. But then, if I do that, and go back to visual editor, I get this message saying that the block has invalid content:

    If I click to resolve, then click to convert to blocks, it will switch the whole block to HTML. It can not be reverted back to the FAQ block, unless I click on the block editor’s ‘back’ or ‘undo’ button twice. Then I get the old content without my HTML changes.

    I also noticed there is no way to make content bold or italics, add a hyperlink, etc. If I paste content with italics or a hyperlink, it is maintained in the block’s formatting. The formatted lists pasted into the block become paragraphs separated by br tags, however.

    Inserting a shortcode causes the shortcode characters to end up in the schema markup for the question, which doesn’t make for nice readability on the SERPs, though it does validate.

    My question is:

    Will the Yoast FAQ block eventually allow for more HTML formatting, or other WP inputs, like shortcodes?

    At first I saw that the initial answer inputted into the block creates a paragraph tag with a special class. I wondered if this meant that answers could only have one paragraph, and perhaps this was the reason for creating the breaks and removing certain HTML elements when pasting in an answer.

    However, it seems like, according to the following sample markup from Google, HTML lists are allowed in the json+ld markup?

    This is also confirmed explicitly here:

    I understand that the SERPs may only show the first paragraph (if that), when showing the FAQ rich result. However, for page formatting, for site visitors, I find it is really necessary to have these HTML elements. For example, including lists makes it much easier to read an answer’s points. It also is semantic HTML markup.

    But this seems impossible to set up with the Yoast SEO block, without losing the ability to edit the answers in the same block editing format later.

    I also had trouble entering images in answers, in any spot. I see that one single image can be added at the end of an FAQ answer, which I imagine is for the structured data output? But, formatting-wise, if I wanted my page to look a certain way, with an image say, to the left of the first paragraph, or second paragraph, I can’t do that in the FAQ block (unless I couldn’t figure it out?).

    So right now, it seems like the FAQ block is mostly set up for generalized questions with one paragraph answers and no formatting needs?

    Do you think this can, or will improve in the future? Such as getting Tiny MCE in there, or something to allow for more HTML tags? Or is there a restriction in doing that from a logical standpoint, like if it would create problems in the json+ld output?


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    The HowTo and FAQ blocks accept certain HTML tags (as of version 11.7) and the current version (12.1) has further improved styling. (the down arrow provides a few additional options)

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    Yes, thank you. I saw these. I have been using Version 12.1. However, can you let me know if you will be adding the other styling suggestions noted above in my original request? Namely ul/ol/li tags and shortcodes? heading tags? HTML code editing?
    I had missed the inline image option (duh), but have not tested it’s wrapping and alignment abilities.

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    Requests are under review for these improvements:
    List tags:

    There is not a request for shortcodes as the FAQ block accepts and outputs shortcodes currently. I tested with the Yoast breadcrumb shortcode as well as the default WordPress gallery shortcode. Can you elaborate on how shortcodes are not working for your site?

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    This thread has been marked as resolved due to lack of activity.

    You’re always welcome to re-open this topic. Please read this post before opening a new request.

    Thanks for understanding!

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