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  • Jason


    I too, have this question. I received the email that they’ll be shutting down the W2C/W2L endpoints on January 12, 2018. Many of my clients rely on this plugin to integrate Gravity Forms with Sales Force. Does this affect this plugin? Will there be an update to this plugin? Let me know.


    Just wondering if there was any update on this? Im sure it will affect many people using your excellent plugin.


    We’re only 3 weeks away from the January 12th date. Really need to know if there will be an update to this plugin.

    Looks like no?

    Naomi over at Gravity+ has “adopted” the plugin, but seems to only be offering a paid versions via her website — not sure why the readme here hasn’t been changed to reflect this, or the plugin updated to prompt users to move to a new solution via an admin notice (this plugin is now at 3+ years with no updates).

    If you are not up to a plugin hack, this filter snippet added to functions.php will do the trick.

    * Updating the Web-to-Case and Web-to-Lead Endpoint URL for Gravity Forms -> Salesforce connection
    * See:
    * Websites using the W2C/W2L forms will cease to create new cases
    * and/or leads within customers’ Salesforce orgs if the websites are
    * not updated with the new endpoint URL by the Summer ‘17 release.
    function update_gf_salesforce_request_subdomain( $sub, $test ) {
    return $test ? $sub : ‘webto’;
    add_filter( ‘gf_salesforce_request_subdomain’, ‘update_gf_salesforce_request_subdomain’, 10, 2 );

    Hello Matt,

    You are referring to the functions.php file of our theme, correct? I have the same question as the others here. I”m trying to figure out how to keep the plugin working after the Salesforce change.

    Many thanks,

    Hi Krista,
    Yes. Add the snippet of php into the functions.php file you will find in the theme folder. Remember that the functions.php file is theme specific, so if you change themes at any point, the snippet will need to be added to the functions.php file in the new theme’s folder.

    I made this change last week and all has gone well. The sky did not fall on Jan 12.

    Take care,

    don’t worry Matt there is still time for the Sky to fall the endpoints were kept up until March 9 now.

    I’m using Gravity Forms Salesforce add-on, and am still looking for a solution to this problem. Now the endpoints have been kept up until April 20. I am with a very small nonprofit with no technical folks. I manage the site, but only know basic html. Our web developer has said they have reviewed our site and believes this endpoint update does not affect us, but I find that hard to believe. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks so much!

    Yes, eventually this will break if an update is not released.

    It looks like the new owner hasn’t touched the open source version as she has a paid version now.

    Looks like your options are:

    – Patch the plugin
    – Pay her for the premium version
    – Move on

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