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  • antistandard



    I have a job to do that I am stuck with and time has run out.

    I am willing to negotiate a price to pay for some wordpress coding help.

    The job I need done is probably very simple.

    The job:
    The wordpress admin can create runners of a jogging club. Just basic details like name for now. The wordpress admin will then create races that these runners will run in the future. For example: Bridge to bridge 12km 03 December 2010, Paris Marathon 42km 11 January 2011 etc..etc

    What I need then to happen is, within the homepage of the wordpress site, I need to have the names of the runners that are running one or more of these races, with the race in a list under their name:
    John Doe is running the
    Bridge to bridge 12km on 03 December 2010

    Sarah Smith is running the
    Bridge to bridge 12km on 08 January 2011
    Paris Marathon 42km on 11 January 2011
    Park Challenge 12km on 13 January 2011

    Dude Dudeson is running the
    Paris Marathon 42km on 11 January 2011
    Beach Half-Marathon 21km on 211 March 2011


    The list should list out all the runners in alphabetical order and their races should be in order of the race most soonest first..

    If a runner is not running any races, they should not show up in the list.

    I think this will be quite simple and I can pay well.


    The way I have started this job to no success is that I made the runners into posts with their name being the title. then I made a category called Races and the children being the specific race.
    then I listed out using this code:

    <? query_posts('cat=5&order=ASC');
    			if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
    		<p class="whosrunningname"><?php the_title(); ?></p>
    		<p class="whosrunning">
    foreach((get_the_category()) as $childcat) {
    if (cat_is_ancestor_of(9, $childcat)) {
    echo $childcat->cat_name; ?><br/><?
    		endwhile; else:
    		echo "No members have events coming up at the moment";

    but i can not re-order the races into an order that makes the soonest race the top one.

    Please let me know asap if you can do the job.

    Thank you


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  • Emil Uzelac


    The above doesn’t give us enough of information to further assist you. Can you say more about this?

    Just an FYI, this is a free support where members/moderators assist for free. As per forum guidelines it’s forbidden to ask for money and/or negotiate anything over this forum.

    If you want to post an actual job your best solution would be



    Ok Thanks Emil, I’ll head over to the link you gave me. Sorry to go against guidelines.



    By the way, before I close this post down, would you happen to know how to re-order the get_the_category() call so that it displays in an order I can set using a plugin such as ‘category order’ or ‘my category order’ ?

    Thank you

    Emil Uzelac


    Maybe something like this:

    $args=array('orderby' => 'none');
    $terms = wp_get_post_terms( $post->ID , 'category', $args);
    foreach($terms as $term) {
      echo '<a href="' . esc_attr(get_term_link($term, 'category')) . '" title="' . sprintf( __( "View all posts in %s" ), $term->name ) . '" ' . '>' . $term->name.'</a> ';

    This is from: get_the_category order topic.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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