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  • WoodiE


    Previously I was using WP 1.2.1 and using this hack: and all was good for the most part, wasn’t exactly what I wanted but at least it did most.

    Then I upgraded to 1.2.2 and that hack didn’t work anymore, I’ve also tried the changes at the end of that thread – also not working with 1.2.2 so with that said I’m willing to pay someone to re-create ths hack plus add the features I’d like to have.

    1st. Upon uploading I want the obvious upload box. Under file I want the Description box but I’d like it a required form. Under that I’d like the “Create a thumbnail?” option to be pre-selected for 400px. After that I want this option added, I want three radio buttons that say the following:


    With a title above the three radio buttons called “Align:?” with Center also pre-selected.

    2nd – When “Upload” is pressed I want the outcome to give two sets of code just like the 1st hack did found above. However I want the html code to be wrapped in this:

    <div class="aleft OR cent OR aright"> THUMBNAIL IMAGE HERE WITH LINK TO FULL IMAGE</div>

    Below the thumbnail image and link I’d like the html to just the full image also wrapped in the DIV with the correct class selected pending on which was choosen at upload.

    I honestly don’t know how hard this would or wouldn’t be so if you think you can handle this and make it work for 1.2.2 then please let me know along with your price.



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  • Moderator James Huff


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    Michael, it sounds like you know exactly what you want. I’m not a plugin programer, nor am I a hacker, but when not just upload the file, set the thumbnail to 400px, and then use the miracle of copy/paste to enter <div class="aleft OR cent OR aright"> THUMBNAIL IMAGE HERE WITH LINK TO FULL IMAGE</div>, select your alignment, and plugin the image HTML? That’s far easier than writing a hack.



    What’s you email id? Mine’s carthik at gmail dot com, in case you want to get in touch for a solution. It should be simple enough.



    I’ll work on it if no one else volunteer’s soon.

    This hack has been completed – those interested in it please let me know and I’ll be happy to send it your way.


    I would be greatly happy to get this hack. I was looking for such a hack too but I never thought I could ask someone to make it for me 🙂


    email me at: admin (at ) rcnitrotalk (dot) com


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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