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    This plugin does not work. I cannot log into my site with it at all.
    It’s conflicting with Wordfence. I will not disable Wordfence 2FA because this one cannot play nice with it.

    I found another which works well with it but does not support WooCommerce login.

    So can you please fix it, so both can run in harmony please.

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson


    You’re trying to run two 2FA plugins at the same time?

    For me to be able to say much useful, you need to give a lot more detail about your problem. “It does not work” leaves all the research on my side, and life is busy (and I personally log into several websites which also use Wordfence, though not Wordfence 2FA as I’ve not yet learned of a use case for two 2FA codes being requested at the same time).

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    Yes, I run two 2FA plugins. Currently WordFence 2FA and another 2FA plugin.
    How that one works is when you go to the wp-login.php and put in your name/password then press login, it will then request a 2FA Code which is WordFence and you can then press Login. Next, it will ask for an Authentication Code which is the other 2FA plugin, then you press Authenticate to log into wp-admin backend. It’s all done on the same login box on the wp-login.php page.

    Right now with this 2FA plugin, it will not play nice with Wordfence 2FA Authentication at all. It will completely ignore any attempt on putting in the authentication code. It just goes right back to the Email/Pass on the login.php page.
    If I disable WordFence 2FA this plugin works just fine.

    I have a use case for it. I have tried other 2FA plugins in the past and I have seen them get bypassed easily. Having a second one is helpful.

    Right now I have a conundrum. Use what I have now and leave Woocommerce Customers without 2FA or Install this plugin and disable WordFence 2FA and put complete trust into this plugin. I would at this time not use this plugin because of the history I have had with other 2FA plugins. However, I really really want to have it work in Harmony with WordFence 2FA like the other current one I’m using that way customers at least have better protection than nothing.

    Plugin Author David Anderson



    Based on your description, likely the change needed is in Wordfence – it is forcing the submitting the login form prematurely. Our plugin was coded to play nicely with other plugins that edit the login form, by not force-submitting the form (instead it emulates pressing the ‘Login’ button as if the user did). So, for example, ours works together with (you can use both together) which requires a scan with your phone of the login form. But if another plugin submits the form early, then the change has to be in that other plugin to make them work together. Not many plugins bother testing setups where two plugins both want to adjust the form together.


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