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  • simanonok


    Everything seems to work okay at first with the file download option pointing to files on Google Drive, but your file will download empty with a length of 0K. This plugin is therefore useless in the case of Google Drive, and there are probably many other file storage cases where it won’t work either. You’d think the developer would have at least tested this plugin better and prominently documented its limitations, but apparently he/she expects the plugins’ users to find its bugs. You’ve been warned.

    How hard would it be for a test page to be built by the developer where someone could enter their URL and any other necessary data to call their file, and the algorithm this plugin uses would test to see if the plugin will work?

    Even better, fix the plugin so it will read files on Google Drive and everywhere else. If a Web browser can read it, so should this plugin be able to.

    In the meantime there are other file download managers, some built into greater functionality like the membership plugin ‘Membership 2’ that I’m testing next.

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  • Plugin Author Lana Codes


    Google Drive has its own file management system. Google Drive primary serves to view and not download files (this is just an additional plus, Google Drive has its own download manager, after view).

    It is also absurd to think that Lana Downloads Manager handles Google’s self-developed Google Docs. The plugin name is not a Google Drive Manager. 🙂 And nowhere in the description is it compatible with a third-party download manager (like Google Drive).

    If you do not understand Google Drive, it’s very unfortunate, but the Lana Downloads Manager plugin works well.
    But thanks for the feedback, so my customers see how the plugin works.

    Plugin Author Lana Codes


    @simanonok And basic internet etiquette is not to use Caps Lock, because it means you’re screaming. So I reported the topic to change the title.

    At other times, try to behave normally and write culturally.

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    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Title decapped. Don’t yell.

    As the author stated, expecting any plugin to work flawlessly with a non-filesystem like Google drive is unrealistic.

    Plugin Author Lana Codes


    @jdembowski I think @simanons have no problem with my plugin. He just does not understand the purpose of average WordPress plugins.

    and then I don’t even need this or any plugin to do the ‘managing’ of useless functionality!

    He uses Google Drive, so any plugin is useless?
    First, he writes that the plugin does not work with Google Drive, and from the description I think that he can not use Google Drive:

    Then I realized all I have to do is set the file access permissions on Google Drive

    and he does not understand how Google Drive works.

    As I saw yesterday he rated another download manager for 1 star. But the other review was disappeared (I do not know who deleted it).

    He is trying Google Drive settings, do not understand, can not use and rate my plugin for 1 star? Very weird and is not relevant at all.
    Any plugin can work with similar file management systems (like Google Drive) only with API. But this is very specific. So anybody can come here and rate my plugin for 1 star because it does not work with Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox or other specific cloud storage? Nowhere it indicated that this would be expected to function or purpose.

    My plugin is designed to complement WordPress with its own file manager using WordPress media storage. And it works perfectly.
    Not to link WordPress to a third-party cloud based file storage or explorer.

    I know that you do not delete or modify others’ ratings (because I know these descriptions and conversations can be useful to other users), but that is very absurd.

    It would be more sensible to move to the support section and ask:
    – Does the plugin work with Google Drive?
    – No, because it is not the purpose of this plugin and we do not plan for such development. Sorry.

    But everyone has the right to give a review, even if it is completely irrelevant.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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