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  • I can access my blog from my phone and add posts, makes edits and the like, but the blog or the admin area will not load on my computer. What could possibly be wrong. And yes, I have an internet connection and can access any other site I want.

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    youre going to need to be a little more descriptive that that. what EXACTLY is the problem, what message(s) do you see, or not see, whats the url to your blog…

    The url is The message I get is Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. I only get this message on this site.

    So you go here:

    and after you type in your name and password it says it can’t display the webpage?

    never get to the point of typing in my user name. I enter the url and then I get the message cant display webpage.

    Have you tried Firefox or another browser? I tried and both and it comes right up. Have you tried clearing your cache? Is the URL I posted above the URL you’re going to?

    It is. I haven’t tried another browser, but cleared cache… will try that now. any idea why this would be?

    I’m not sure. I can access the main page, sub pages, and the login page from the latest versions if FF, IE, and Chrome. Have you tried it from another computer besides your home PC?

    No I haven’t. Just noticed the problem today. I can access it from my phone…. I tried ff and still can’t access it. Would something on my computer be blocking it. I’ve tried to add it to my allowed sites, but for whatever reason, it won’t save it to my list.

    I’m just not sure what’s causing it. I’m good with design/coding instead of IT sort of stuff. Sorry :o(

    Thanks for the help…. I’m running a virus scan now, but don’t really think that’ll fix it…. always something. :O)

    does anyone with any it knowledge know why this would be happening?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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