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    Ok please tell me exactly how this works.
    You connect to a drive (that already exists) using the instructions in the plugin and here
    It automatically detects the folders and files in the drive

    Do I have that right?

    I did everything as instructed but it still telling me
    “No folder exist/detected in your drive.”
    Our setting
    Google Email: We have a Google Apps for non-profit account and the email we use is the domains email address (not gmail) that has the drive we want to access.
    Service Account Name = called Email address in the console: VERLONGDIGITS&
    Private Key Url Path: Downloaded the one created at creation

    Still nothing works. Something has to be missing,

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  • HgtuRgg



    hi, you follow the documentations given in the UL to the ditto. Sometimes there are white areas.. check out my questions in this support and I hope you will get it.

    With regards to folder, there is no need to create a folder inside the Google Drive. You can create it via the plugins UI once all the settings are correct put. Have you uploaded the Private Key Url to the root of your website? Also, check out all the settings where you should not get any errors. If so, then copy the errors and place it here. The author might have a look it and give it a fix. Hope it helps. 😛

    how to download p12 file from google

    Client ID ———
    Email address ———
    Client secret —–
    Redirect URIs


    Javascript Origins


    no option to download p12 file
    please tell me how o download p12 file

    There is no option to download the p12 file. As far as I know it is only downloaded when you create the service. Follow directions I have in the link above and when your done it will tell you to download and remember/wright down the password. click download. that is the ONLY way I have ever gotten a p12 unless I believe you create another key not sure. but again it’s only available the ONE time. so if you don’t get it then not sure how else to get it.

    Kalyan Brata Das
    I am not getting any error other than no folder found in drive. It is not connecting to the drive associated with the email account.
    I followed all instructions 3 times, even created a whole new project and service.

    Plugin Author Moch Amir


    @amolkumar, please select “service account” and what amommy wrote was right, there’s no option to download p12 file. just create a new ones and if you want you can delete that not used.

    @amommy, if there’s no error message, this mean there’s nothing wrong.
    it has been connected but there’s no folder found in “Shared with Me” view (
    why? because You are logged in as * (client Service Account) that only have access to “Shared with Me”.

    @kaylan, nice 🙂

    here are the settings
    Google Account: admin @
    Google Drive: Folder to access through wordpress is PUBLIC – ie. shared with everyone.
    I can see the folder from every OTHER google drive account I have access to.

    I’m a little confused?
    So EVERYONE who wants to access a folder on THEIR drive has to share it with the email address created in the services account.
    That info REALLY needs to be in the instructions. No where does it say add the to the people who can access the folders. Plus it makes no sense if the folder is public.

    UPDATE: went to drive and shared with the and can now see folders. Thank You.. but still should not need to do that for public

    Plugin Author Moch Amir


    folder created by this plugin is not set to public
    folder created by this plugin will be listed in “Shared with Me” view
    files/folders uploded by you will be listed in “My Drive” view.

    if your files (eg: images) are set not to public, then the images will not show in your website/blog. why you don’t need that?




    hi, just following your conversation for days and I thought of pitching in. First of all, please try to understand the purpose of this plugin – using Google Drive as a storage or server space so to speak. Now, any content, say images uploaded to that drive must be set to public since you want those images to be viewed by everyone right? Now any images uploaded to folder is set to public and this does not matter at all. None will look into that which folders contain images. All will want to see the content only. And anyway, if researched a bit, can understand that those images are coming from Google Drive storage. The point ends here. It’s just a public folder, like any directory in a web server. Since, we set permissions to directories so that none can edit that, those folders are also with permission, that without your password (both Google and WP passwords), none can delete those or modify things, let them see the folder. Hope it makes sense..

    By the way, hope you will leave a review to that wonderful and useful plugin shortly.

    Sorry if I sounded rude in previous posts not my intention at all.
    I know this plugin shows files already in the drive folder, which we have had set to public even before incorporating it in WP. What we did not realize is that this plugin allows us to edit the drive by uploading and deleting files within WP.
    I do not fully understand the drive api (reading on it) but from what I understood once you had the client id and secret and authenticated that was it the drive would be accessible (viewable).
    Having to share the drive/folder with the client id email seemed redundant since the folders were already public. That is the part I didn’t get. Why add any email to the share list if the folder is public. However, again, I did not realize that that user needed editing permission. I thought it would still allow viewing the folders without sharing with that user.

    Have to say now that we got it working it is quite impressive and very useful. We were content adding all the files to the drive itself but now we can add them while posting, and without using gdurl, which is down a lot.

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