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    I get the following error when trying to activate the plugin:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/content/k/a/h/kahil/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-ecommerce/marketpress.php on line 1177

    I have been looking for a new eCommerce plugin since the other major ones for WordPress haven’t been updated in a long time…but I can’t even try this one. Would probably buy the premium version if I could evaluate the free version. :/

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  • esmi


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    Um – eShop is updated regularly.

    eShop isn’t very robust and the documentation on it isn’t very good either. I’m referring to the big one, WP-eCommerce. Its robust and used to work very well, but it hasn’t been updated very well and it actually doesn’t even activate.



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    In what way “not robust”? And have you reviewed the documentation lately?

    I have. The documentation is fragmented and isn’t very well organized. If someone who doesn’t know how to use it well, they can’t find the info they need very easily. For the most part all you get are brief descriptions on their site. Users like to see well explained documentation that includes screenshots. The only screenshots I really saw were for just the themes.

    By robust, I’m mean not only fully featured, but easy to use. I have a lot of clients that I design for that really have no clue what they are doing and they need something that is easy and logical for them to use on their own. eShop uses a lot of shortcodes, etc. There are also a lot of code that you have to manually add to the functions.php page. Basic users just aren’t going to know how to do that. Things should all be in the options, not where you have to add shortcode to your theme files, etc. eShop is a good start, but it still needs a lot of work to be widely used and liked by the WP community as a whole.

    Since WP-eCommerce is now broken and doesn’t work well anymore, I’m left without a solid eCommerce solution, let alone any invoicing solution as all of those plugins either don’t work or haven’t been updated in over a year. I think ideally everyone would like to be able to do all of their small business/freelance stuff from within WordPress…..can’t really do that anymore…

    Now, this is supposed to be about MarketPress….which I would like to try but simply can’t due to the fatal error.

    Hiya Kahil,

    I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. I hate to ask it – but could you try grabbing a fresh download?

    I just did this and tested it on an install and everything loaded up as expected. If it still doesn’t work, we’ll have to think of something else but a syntax error is really weird unless the plugin’s been edited in some way.

    Let us know and we’ll try to get ya up and running. I’d love to hear your thoughts on MarketPress vs. others you’ve used.


    I just did… installed it from within wordpress. I get the same error. I haven’t modified it or anything else. The only mod I have done to wordpress is remove that damn annoying auto paragraph feature. I deactivated every other plugin I am using and changed themes to rule those out too and no luck.

    Hiya Kahil,

    This plugin requires PHP5 (as will WordPress in less than a month). You’ll need to have your hosting provider upgrade this for you and then all should work smoothly.


    I do have php5….so that isn’t the issue. If I wasn’t using php5, then none of the other plugins that I use would work…and they all do. I know it isn’t the mysqul version that I’m using, it isn’t another plugin, it isn’t any custom code in wordpress as there isn’t any being used, and it isn’t any theme issue. its whatever that is on that line…

    Plugin Author Aaron Edwards


    $obj_products = clone $store_object;

    Whatever you say, it’s definitely a problem with your PHP version.

    Have you used a php info file to make sure scripts are actually using php5? What’s the exact PHP version in there?

    I am using GoDaddy hosting and the php version says 5 on all of my databases. It is not an issue with my php version. Like I said, I have other plugins that require php5 and they run just fine….this one does not. I’m not a noob.

    Like I said… The database states it is php5 as it has been every since I set it up. I have other plugins that require php5 and they run fine. I disabled every other plugin and none of them are interfering with this plugin. I changed themes a few times and nothing in my theme is messing with the plugin. I have nothing custom about my wordpress other than removing the annoying auto paragraph feature. As everything else has been ruled out, the only thing left is the plugin itself.

    Plugin Author Aaron Edwards


    The database has nothing to do with php5. Please try a phpinfo file, and tell us exactly what version that shows.

    I pasted the line causing you trouble above, and as you can see it’s perfectly valid in php5.

    After some exhausting searching and troubleshooting…I figured it out. In my GoDaddy control panel it stated that both my databases and php were version 5. I did a phpinfo, etc and it all came back php 5. Apparently GoDaddy has been upgrading some servers and my sites were being moved around to different servers while they did their upgrades/maintenance. So it is working now they have finished. Sorry for the confusion/trouble….but I did my due diligence and ruled out all other plugins, themes, custom code, the database, the php version, etc….everything I could see and test came back as it should. Aside from the headache…there is a silver lining…I am now, and apparently have been for months, paying only $4 for all of my premium hosting plan….don’t know how or why I am now only paying such a small fraction of what I used to….but I don’t think I’ll question it. 🙂

    I’ll be testing out the plugin and hopefully it will be on par with or better than WP-eCommerce used to be. Now if I can only find a good, reliable, up-to-date invoicing plugin so I can do everything I need from within WordPress. 🙂

    I and on the border with this plugin… One thing I don’t really like are the intrusive messages that show on every page in my WordPress…which is really just an ad. The added sections that you can’t use anything in. That to me is just added bloat. It would be better to have limited use or to just not have those sections there at all. Have a landing page that tells you what upgrading will get you, etc. I don’t want to be hounded or to see ads all the time in my own site, etc.

    The plugin is nice, but it does need some work.

    Thanks for your feedback, Kahil. These things are definitely taken into consideration. Feel free to let us know what you think could use work. We’ll be glad to consider that too. 🙂

    Well… First, remove the add for your notification plugin that is plastered on every page of my WordPress. I could be Ok with it being on the main page for the plugin settings, but not on everything. I really don’t need or want that notification plugin as WordPress already has update notifications built into it….so I personally just don’t see the point of the plugin really.

    Then, don’t just have whole sections that can’t even be used. Like the coupons section for instance. If you aren’t at least going to give us limited use so we can get a feel of what the upgrade would afford us, then there is no point to even having that section there. IMHO, if you really want users to see the benefit of the pro version of anything, you have to give them a taste or sampling. For the coupons section, give a limited number…like 5.

    As far as the whole user experience… When I design something I try to keep two things in mind…. Simple and Stupid. I try to keep the look and feel of the website, graphic or mobile app simple and not too complicated. I then try to keep stupid people in mind. And I don’t mean that as an insult to users. I mean that I try to keep things very easy for anyone to use. Face it, there are a lot of people out there who barely know what the internet even is or who barely even know how to use that nice, expensive new smartphone they have. So I try to keep the over visual experience simple and easy to use/navigate. Honestly, if the devs who make WP-eCommerce would keep it up to date, I’d probably still be using it. Take a look at that plugin and how polished it is and how easy it is to use even for “stupid people”. It also doesn’t hurt them that their plugin is fully featured out of the box for free. That’s something you might want to keep in mind should they get their house in order and start updating the plugin. They are giving users a fully featured plugin for free compared to the $40 your pro version costs (or you could get your pro version for free if someone wanted to pay a crazy monthly fee for other things too).

    Ideally for me, aside from desiring a simple, clean, fully featured eCommerce plugin, it would be nice to have the same with an invoicing plugin. Someone should create a fully featured plugin for freelancers, etc. One that packs in all of the features we want/need….eCommerce, site tracking, ftp, invoicing, newsletters, etc. Like a freelancers plugin suite or something. Now that would be a plugin worth paying for. A freelancer could do everything they need from right there in WordPress and they could do so anywhere they are.

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