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    If I install this, can I arrange that people that I assign the role of ‘moderator’ will receive E-mail notifications of pending comments? Preferably notifications that include the full-text of the comment?

    If I can do this, it will have two advantages. First of all — it will allow moderators to actively participate in their role without having to check my blog several times a day. Second of all — if the full-text of the comment is included in the notification E-mail, that can be useful in case a rejected comment needs to be saved for evidence and/or reported to the police.

    I ask this question because the entire reason I’m looking for a plug-in of this sort is that my experience as a blogger tells me that extreme harassment by comments, even death-threats, are a very real thing — but I still want to allow comments on the blog I’m in the process of launching.

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  • Plugin Author kjbenk


    Hello Sophia,

    This functionality is not currently within he plugin, but if you know some code it would not be too much trouble to add the feature on.

    You can fork the project here:

    Thread Starter SophiaOfCF


    Why yes I do know some code. 🙂 And though I haven’t coded for WordPress’s comments feature (for which I may need to hit the books again) — I have done plugin coding for *other* WordPress features, and will be happy to work on adding this feature to this plugin. 🙂

    I have some other cool ideas too —- but I can run them by you and see how you feel about them after I’ve implemented an e-mailing option. 🙂

    Plugin Author kjbenk


    Yeah that sounds great please let me know of all of the features you want to add into the plugin. You can simply just go to the GitHub repo and create issues tagged as enhancements. This way we can discuss this within Github instead of here.

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