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  • mbottos


    I need to upgrade our MySQL version and I’ve got the ok to do so if Maintenance Mode page will show while MySQL server is stopped. I would assume it would throw like a 500 error but was hoping to be surprised in that this plugin will show a maintenance page while MySQL is stopped and being upgraded.
    Running WordPress On Windows Server2012, sites through IIS.

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  • Plugin Author Lukas Juhas


    Hi there,

    Currently, the maintanance mode will not work if the MySQL server is stopped. I believe WordPress itself handling the maintenance mode using a “.maintenance” file which if is present in the root directory of the installation will restult in the common big message that the website will be back shortly. I’ve been considering this and trying to come up with a solution to change the way how the plugin works and support scenarios like when MySQL server is not running but I’ve not had chance to do this.

    How you could perhaps go around this, is maybe to try cache the site with maintenance mode on. In that way, you could show the maintenance mode (cached page) even if the mysql is down. I have not tried this myself, it’s just something I’m thinking out loud now.

    I hope this helps, sorry I can’t be any better help.


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