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    I have a minor error or plugin conflict on one site that I just can’t trace.

    Enable jQuery Migrate Helper doesn’t show any errors, but having it activated solves the problem.

    However, I am wondering if it’s only going to be a temporary solution.

    When the WordPress 5.6 update arrives, will Enable jQuery Migrate Helper still work?

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  • Plugin Author Marius L. J.



    So the short of it is that no, it will not help once WordPress 5.6 comes around, as the jQuery library in WordPress is planned to be upgraded, and that would leave this helper useless (the plan is to make this upgrade in 5.6, but plans can change some times, depending on the situation ahead).

    If the plugin doesn’t report any issues, there’s two possible scenarios, if your issue is on the front end, then this plugin won’t tell you what is wrong outright (at least not yet), you have to actively look up the problem via the JavaScript developer console.

    If it is in the backend, or there’s no problem reported in the JavaScript console, it may be that you are affected by a bug that this plugin handles as a side-effect (not its intended purpose), which will be fixed in WordPress 5.5.1

    Thanks for the clarification, @clorith

    I’ll wait for 5.5.1 to see if the issue is resolved. If not, well, I’ll have to keep hunting for the pesky bug. 🙂

    Just as a mini sidenote bobsled, on Friday we had a similar situation where there was a problem but the plugin wasn’t reporting any errors on the dashboard and there were no errors being displayed on the front end inspector but having it installed fixed the problem.

    Then, by accident while clicking around in backend admin settings screen of a plugin it was only then did this jquery plugin report a problem with that particular plugin but it only did it when looking at a very specific tab of a settings page.

    Plugin Author Marius L. J.


    Hiya @bobsled,

    Just following up to hear if 5.5.1 resolved the problems for you, as it did address a JavaScript issue (although unrelated to jQuery, it was also resolved by using this plugin due to some associated code we used that addressed both issues).

    Hi @clorith,

    I managed to resolve all my issues by changing a contact form plugin on one site and getting my developer to edit a few lines of his custom code. There were also a couple of minor js errors related to my child theme code. My theme developer helped me out with that. Unfortunately, I did this before 5.5.1 though, so I can’t say that the update has changed anything for me.

    Plugin Author Marius L. J.


    That’s OK, I’m glad to hear that you got your site sorted out either way!

    I just did a quick check. I had to swap from Ninja Forms to Caldera Forms on one site. So I just tried Ninja Forms again, and it still doesn’t work in 5.5.1. But it works on all my other sites. But I really think it is a plugin issue as “Ninja Forms not showing” is quite a common support question on Google.

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