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  • I was able to make the images set as featured images using the code offered here:

    (Automatic featured image plugins may work, I just didn’t have much luck with them in my particular setup.)

    However, although the Frontend Uploader posts + images display fine on category pages (Featured Image thumbnails appearing fine), the Featured Images are not appearing on the single post pages (single.php) unless each Frontend Uploader post is “Updated” again (have to go in and click the Update button on each post).

    Do you have any suggestions or ideas how to fix this?

    So, to save pain for others, it appears the answer is “no, there is no way to fix the unattached ‘featured’ image problem.”

    Which means that Frontend Uploader, as it currently stands, and in many ways it would be used, requires you to approve each post manually, then go into each post on the backend, and “Update” the post. If you don’t, any submitted posts will not have their images properly attached to them and the posts will be broken.

    Thus, despite its potential, it seems that this plugin doesn’t actually automate anything in uses requiring images. Most unfortunate.

    I hope that I am wrong; if so, please advise. In the meantime, beware this plugin.

    My apologies, I am softening my stance on Frontend Uploader.

    I now believe that my theme was causing problems which prevented the plugin from attaching the first uploaded image via the form (it allows for multiple image uploads) as the Featured Image.

    Switched themes, and just used the default form, and it worked — images were attached as Featured Images.

    Also, even if themes were causing problems, a possible work-around might be to install a plugin which makes any/first image in a post into the Featured Image.

    Further, I checked into wp user frontend, wp user frontend pro, and wp user frontend reloaded, and I ran into problems on all versions. The demo for the paid wp user frontend pro didn’t work for me (in the official demo), so that was scary.

    So, for now, this may be the best we’ve got.

    this plugin is not working. I had tested it by uploading images twice, checked my post, page and front end uploader admin, but nothing happened. nothing showed up.

    I don’t know where is the problem.

    The only image uploader that work is nextgen gallery, but it doesn’t meet what I need, since it just create an image gallery, instead of posts with images.

    USP is also the same, it won’t automatically showed up the uploaded images.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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