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  • Resolved Michael


    I want to create a video page on my site and embed a 3 minute flv video on the page. The video is 226MB big.

    Will this significantly effect the speed and performance of my site? My server is with Hostgator and I have unlimited bandwidth. The site has not launched yet so I have no idea what amount of traffic it will get.

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  • Anthony


    It won’t effect the speed of your site or your bandwidth but sites like YouTube give you peace if mind in that situation and offer high quality support too.

    It won’t SLOW your bandwidth but it will USE your bandwidth. It might SLOW your server speed, but that’s a little different.

    Hi Michael,

    That’s a tough question, without knowing server specifics. However, anything that is being “served” from your server and using server resources has the potential to slow your website and server down.

    I would recommend embedding the video and actually storing it on YouTube. YouTube’s servers are specifically designed to host video where yours at HostGator may not be.

    I think to keep in mind in this situation is that there really is too many factors in play to really say how it will affect your performance. Do whats going to benefit your visitors the best!

    I hope this helps!

    Also, look for ways to reduce the size of your videos…226 Meg sounds awfully large for a 3 minute flv video

    Thanks for the input gang. I elected to just embed it via Vimeo in a post on the page. The file was not on my local drive (on a friends) and it was hard to compress without using a host server.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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