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    I’ve installed the plugin as per the instructions of the plugin and it seems to be working on the guestbook page:

    …but nothing seems to show up on my front “page”… I’ve made sure comments are enabled from both WP settings and on the Guest Book page itself. My front page isn’t actually a “page” but rather just my newest posts. Is this why? If so, how can I make my posts be a page?

    …Or am I missing something? Ack. Please help.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • What exactly are you trying to show on your front page of your site?

    You can use a static home page, see here:


    I want the latest posts – not a static page. But I’m concerned there’s a problem displaying the comments because of this. Maybe not, though.

    Either way, what I want is for this guestbook to over-write the current commenting system (via Suffusion theme) so the comments and comment form that’s visible is the Guest Book one.

    Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    Comment guestbook is working correctly on your guestbook page. There all guestbook entries are displayed. It would also be possible to include all comments from other pages/posts there (see comment guestbook settings).

    But I don’t know which comments you want to display on your frontpage:
    If you want to show the latest guestbook entries you can probably include them in a sidebar with the available widget. If you want to have normal comments on the front page (like on any other page) comment guestbook cannot help you because it is not designed for that.

    Hi mibuthu,

    I’d actually like people to be able to comment on the individual posts. My problem is that there isn’t a comment form on the posts themselves.

    I’m sorry if this hasn’t been clear thus far – I don’t think I’ve articulated the problem well.

    Do you know how I can get this comment form to show up on my actual posts?

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    But comments to individual posts is a standard in wordpress and should be working out of the box. Or did I get something wrong?

    that’s what i thought too… not sure why it isn’t showing up. Can you explain how I can make this plugin show up as a comment form on my posts?

    thanks again!

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    I still do not exactly understand what you want to have.
    On your home page you have some posts, e.g. “Flower Power”. If you click on this post you get the post page where you can find the comment form at the bottom of your comment list. Where do you want to have the comment form?

    While I’m not sure where you want to have the form, I don’t think that comment guestbook is the correct plugin to handle this issue.

    Essentially my comment form doesn’t look like the one in the demo on the guestbook plugin site. I’d like it to look like that. It’s just the standard theme comment form right now. Do you know how I can make it look like that?

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    Which one do you want to have? The one in the guestbook page (this is a more standard one) or the one which you can see in a post e.g. “Flower Power” (this is the one of your theme)?

    The one from the guestbook page, please.

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    Sorry for the question but in my opinion the other one is better :-).

    This cannot be done by the comment-guestbook-plugin. You have to change your theme or you can search or create a plugin that overwrites the theme comment form template.

    If you want to change your theme search for the comment_form function in your theme directory. I think there are some args specified in your theme which change the form output. If you remove all parameters you should see the standard form (like in the guestbook).
    Normally the function is called in the comments.php file of the theme. I don’t know if it is done in this way because it is depending on the theme.

    Oh I see! Okay, thanks so much – it’s appreciated.

    To change the parameters, do you have any suggestions as to where I can find info on that? Never done it before! Ack!

    Thanks again,


    resolved. went with the original comment form.

    HI I noticed that when I tested the comment guestbook, it worked beautifully, except, I checked the box for the thank you, but that never came up. Is there something I may have missed? I looked on the plug-in screen shot page, and pretty much duplicated what was on there, that is why I am wondering if I missed anything. Also, when I did my test comment, I made sure I was not logged in, and was so happy it finally worked! But, the way my avatar is displayed, it is covering my name on the page. Is there anything I can do to fix that? I put this on almost every page on my website, because I have different people on each page so I want everyone to be able to leave a comment for that specific person, and it works! So happy with it! My website is

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