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  • Gutenberg is still too cumbersome to use for high volume content creators.

    Having blocks for every paragraph means that the screen to too cluttered for composing and editing extensive posts. The classic editor view produces Javascript errors, as do using some blocks in the Gutenberg editor mode. Media inserts do not appear available in the classic editor blocks.

    Please do not add Gutenberg to core, OR create a fork for high volume, content, enterprise users with the old editor.

    Also, we have made extensive additions to the old editor. This is going to cost us an insane amount of money to rework for Gutenberg. We might have to switch to another platform or go out of business. It might be easier to write our own platform!

    UPDATE:Gutenberg 3.0 does not improve the editing experience. It is still extremely clumsy for editing. Content gets balkanized. It seems like every time I try to edit an old block that a new block appears. My authors are going to strangle me if they have to use this.

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    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review @markciotola. I would love to get more insight into what you feel is cumbersome for high volume content creators. You mention the block format, anything else? What could be done do you think to ease that?

    There is a plugin you can use as a measure to turn off Gutenberg, Just so you are aware that is the option. How Gutenberg will be merged is yet to be decided.

    What extensions do you use and rely on? It would be great if you have time for you to share that as a great example of a use case.



    All of the blocks for long posts add a lot of background clutter in terms of boxes and menu icons. It really breaks up the page in editor view and makes it nearly impossible to view and edit, especially for long posts with multiple headings (and often a few levels subheadings) and lots of inserted media.

    Although having a different editing tool bar for each box sound like a good idea, the problem is that our users need many if the MCE tools, even for headings and lists, and those tools are missing from many of the block menus. It is frustrating and confusing.

    Also, we have customized the MCE menu, so we will have to write a custom menu for every type of block.

    Thank You @markciotola for your input. It will help me going forward with WP as all this Gutenberg stuff unfolds.

    Though I’ve been using WP since 2005, I’m really only an “Advanced Newbie.” And really, all I do is write some VERY long articles with some images embedded in the text, with LOTS of sub-headings and some links.

    It sounds like what you’re describing is a REAL headache.

    And, BTW, call me a throwback to newspaper days when important stuff was supposed to be “above the fold,” but I DETEST these new HUGE & full-width images people are putting at top of their posts. Having to scroll down just to see if there’s any text there is a big distraction and waste to me. So having a block JUST for those images seems like a BIG distraction & waste.

    Anyway, your comment will help me decide what I should be doing if, for example, they take surveys to decide whether Gutenberg should be in Core or not, or whatever. I don’t think the WP Core Team will be too concerned about feedback from less-sophisticated users like me, so I doubt I’d have much influence.

    But Thank You for taking your time & intelligence to post your experiences. It will be helpful!

    David Scott Lynn

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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