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  1. ps_
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I've install two WP MS 3.0 (configured for sub-domain blogs)

    I have the same issue on both MS website,
    when I create new blogs (with same user) some works and some not (no page found), some of those non working blogs may be function several hours later and then stop working again.

    I set two different wildcard on two MS sites for testing purpose

    one site:
    *.mydomain.com. A myIPaddress

    the other site:
    *.mydomain.com. 14400 IN A myIPaddress

    both of them work and make the same issue.
    How come those blogs (on sub-domain) works so randomly ?

    I got a dedicated server on gentoo with webmin (OVH hosting company)

    Any clue would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for you support and for this great WP.

  2. Is the server getting updated? Cuz the wildcard has to be in dns AND in Apache. if it's randomly going away, then it's the server.

  3. ps_
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks you for confirming me that the problem is not from WP.

    If it comes to you in mind that anything else could cause this problem please let me know.

    I'll look now into BIND and apache

    Andrea, thanks again .

  4. Hmm, I'm trying to remember gentoo. I was going to suggest plesk, but I see you're using webmin,. Plesk gets picky about where things are and in "normal" spot, edits get overwritten.

    Go check the httpd.conf file, look in the vhosts section make sure the wildcard serveralias line is there AND check to see if there's anything else in there that may conflict with that.

  5. ps_
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I updated my server and still got the problem.
    I took a brand new server with the same configuration (gentoo/webmin) and now it works well. the problem probably comes from a misconfiguration.

    thanks Andrea for your suggestions.

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