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  • Hello there,
    I am bought a wildcard ssl certificate for my network.
    Keep in mind I have 3 domains mapped. But when I access my sites admin by typing I get a nasty ssl error red screen that would make my clients or visitor jump off their chairs. But, if I visit without the mapping I don`t get the error.
    So, I contacted hostgator to find out why, and I was told that I need a multi-domain ssl certificate!
    I was like…really? I spent a good amount of money to get wildcard and now I was told I need some else?

    I figure I better ask the experts of WordPress instead gone and buy another certificate.
    The 2 million dollars questions are:
    1-)Would both certificates work together?
    2-)I have each blog with its own domain, how I can set it up so I dont get this type of error?

    Thanks so much for reading my post and taking the time to respond.


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  • Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in this field. I may be wrong.

    1-)Would both certificates work together?

    Yes, of course.

    2-)I have each blog with its own domain, how I can set it up so I dont get this type of error?

    You need an SSL certificate for each domain that you’d map. For example, if you map three domains, you’d need three certificates plus a certificate for your primary domain.

    The certificate for the primary domain need not be a wildcard certificate, if you have subfolders based network. For subdomains based installation, you have purchased the correct certificate, but it is just not enough to let the mapped domains secured as well.

    You may get more information in the previous threads.

    SSL certs suck.

    Yes, you need a separate cert for each domain. Or a multidomain one. Either way, PITA. Do you really need it?

    Hello Mika & Pothi.

    Do I really need it? I guess so… I don`t want the logins to go in without encryption.
    I tought I can get away with wildcard one. But I am affraid I may have to go with multi.
    Let me ask another question..
    Here is my situation first. When a customer buys a package. My whmcs automatically provision the blog and the cpanel creation. The IP section gets populated with my dedicated ip so I don`t get the index cgi bin port 80 error.
    It works that way. I am affraid to deal with one dedicated ip per blog.
    I am affraid I would have to park them instead of having cpanel for each one?
    This thing is a little complex I guess.
    Any thoughts on how to setup it up? I still have time to change… My services are not going live just yet.

    Thanks for the replies.. I really appreciate.


    Multisite only lets you have one IP for all your blogs.

    The users aren’t going to have full cpanel access with this setup, though, they’d have, at most, webmail. Multisite would be shared for all your domains.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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