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  • yx960



    I have some link to redirect.

    Source : /login/?
    Destination : /my-account/?

    My purpose is to change portion of url from login to my-account. The others portion remain the same. I need to let user login and redirect back to the page which he want to post coments

    Any idea how to do this ?


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  • Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    This plugin doesn’t currently support wildcard redirection. There should be an update in the next few weeks to add some kind of support for that. In the meantime, setting up the redirects in .htaccess is probably your best option.

    Any luck with the wildcards? I was hoping to redirect an entire folder. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    There’s a version that supports simple wildcards (using an asterisk, no regular expressions) over in the Developers tab labeled “Development Version.” It’s been incredibly stable for me at work and it’s been in use for several months. I haven’t had a chance to write documentation and make the workflow nice, which is why there hasn’t been an official release yet.

    To use wildcards, put an asterisk after the folder name that you want to redirect.

    Request: /old-folder/*

    You can also use the asterisk in the destination to replace whatever it matched in the request if you like. Something like this:

    Request: /old-folder/*

    Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    I’ve FINALLY released an update after a ton of testing. Grab the latest and you’ll have access to wildcard redirects plus a bit of streamlining in the interface.

    Can you tell me how to redirect” to please. I don’t know why google has found a url with quotation marks in it but that’s what I need to redirect.
    Many thanks

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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