[resolved] Wildcard dns warning although wildcard enabled (3 posts)

  1. hubit
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a wordpress site hosted on hostgator: http://www.nocturno.co.il.
    And now I want to install a network.
    So I created a subdomain '*' pointed to the public_html directory (in order to enable wildcard dns), but when I try to install the network, I get a warning saying: "Warning! Wildcard DNS may not be configured correctly. The installer attempted to contact a random hostname..."
    I don't get.
    The wildcard works, you can try it for yourselves.
    Am I missing something here?

    I haven't found anything like this on the forums.
    I'd be very glad if someone could help me.

    I'm not sure if I need to post any more information about the site, but please tell me if any information is needed.


  2. Don't worry about it. WP is probably trying out fakesub.co.il instead of fakesub.nocturno.co.il

    If it works, you're good :)

  3. hubit
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply!

    I ignored the warning and tried to continue with the installation.
    After I signed in again, I couldn't find any network option on my admin panel.
    I was just in my regular site :(

    Could it be related to the wildcard warning, or is it a completely different problem?

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