Wikipedia co-Founder Blogs Using WordPress!!! (2 posts)

  1. TigerDE2
    Posted 11 years ago #

    He is, by the way, using WP for over two months now.
    So it's nothing to get too excited about... ;)

  2. plainsman
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Hello, TigerDE2,
    I realize that his blog is two months old. However, if you read the blog it is a bit 'spotty' re: posting frequency. I believe that having more people visit him and engage in conversations will encourage him to keep up the site.
    And, I searched these forums and did not find any mention of his choice of WordPress.
    I write about Jimmy Wales because I am a fan / supporter of WordPress. When prominent people and sites choose WordPress, I believe it is important to (1) recognize that fact and (2) encourage others to visit those sites - perhaps engaging in conversations there.
    I do not see a lot of 'that kind' of promotional/PR/marketing communications activity here.
    Yes, I realize that this site is primarily for 'user' support issues. However, what better site could there be for reaching avid WP users and encouraging them to (a) see new sites and (b) participate in the promotion of WP by engaging in valuable conversations with prominent Internet figures, such as the co-founder of Wikipedia. Especially when WordPress already has a bit of a relationship with that site (or, more specifically - the MediaWiki engine).
    In short, TigerDE2, I am just trying to be a positive influence and help.
    Perhaps there could be a new "Main Theme" subject area of 'Announcements' or 'Sightings' devoted solely to news of WordPress achievements, coups and recent adoptions of the blogging platform. It may help to further promote an already positive project - WordPress.
    Just an idea / suggestion.

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