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  • Not sure how useful/realistic this is, but I had an idea:
    I’m thinking about using WP for creative writing (poetry, short stories). I’d like to have the functionality and polish of WP, but the version tracking and ease of creation of Wikis.
    I tried playing around with phpWiki, but couldn’t get it to install properly (instead I went with WikkiTikiTavi). I’m not even close to competent enough to put this all together, but is something like this feasible? Does anyone else think it’s a good idea?

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  • I am thinking of writing a simple MySql/php wiki which plugs into the wp-admin interface and is authenticated by the WP user levels. This could be really useful to make “static” pages such as “About me” etc. I will post it on this board and on my weblog tools collection when done. (ETA a couple of weeks)

    great idea…
    if the wiki can be programmed to put the stuff inside the same template as that of the blog… it would be pretty awesome!
    wuhwuh2 gonna rock it seems 😀

    Thats the idea Sushubh! The template of the blog is going to be wrapped around the wiki code.
    However, methinks this plug-in should be out before WW gets a version of it. The next version of WW is going to be after the release of 1.2

    @gsiener – when you get things going, post a link to your site. I too have a writing related site (I’m using it to track my progress (or lack of it) while writing a novel.) I’d be interested in possibly a link exchange.
    @ll – Hrmmm….. a wiki built into WP? This intrigues me. I couldn’t get phpWiki to work for me either, but I did install something called QuikiWiki. I haven’t had the chance to move it into my WP template yet. I’m not sure I want it linked to my WP users though, since I want the Wiki open, but I don’t want people posting to the blog. That would be the only down side I see. I’d be more than willing to give it a go however.

    Have you looked at Erfurt Wiki? It seems to be designed to be easily included in other code.

    Googling, I found… Blinki. Lots of variations are described.
    A bliki is a weblog with wiki support. Which means that after (or before) an article is posted to the blog, it can be edited, either by anyone or by some some group of authorized users.
    Why ”another” Blog and Wiki?
    A BLiki is a hybrid Wiki/Blog. It’s a Wiki that you can blog to. Er, a
    Blog that you can use wiki markup in. Hmmm.
    The Semantic Blinki and Blink links
    What is a BLinki

    I’m thinking of adding a sort of “knowledge base” to a WP blog site. I don’t want to give everyone the option to edit/deface entries, but an option to comment would be good.
    Now I could just use one of several available hacks to make lots of static pages, but I’d prefer the easy keyword cross-linking between entries you get with Wikis like Wikipedia. OTOH, PHPWiki and WikkiTikkiTavi don’t seem to have a comments function. Plus I guess the WP and Wiki search functions would become completely separate and not find each others entries. It would be better if they did.
    I also checked out Lizard’s hack and it doesn’t seem to do exactly what I’m after either. I’m also a big PHP noob. Any ideas? Am I making any sense at all?

    On a vaguely related note, I am pleased to announce the WP-Wikify plugin – it really doesn’t do what any of you all are asking here, but you could modify it so that instead of linking into the WordPress Wiki, it links to your category pages or posts with those titles or something like that….

    On the subject of integrated searches, I actually did do that on my site.
    Basically, I have a special template for the search page, and my search forms go to that special template. I then have custom PHP code in there that takes whatever the search term was, and uses it to search everything else as well – so in this case, you could have it search wiki pages as well, if you knew how to access them from within PHP.
    Let me know if you want more details.

    Hallo Wiki and WP friends,
    I´ve tried out some and now work with one wikiengine for some different projects. One of them you can find under embedded in an whole “philosophy” for a Saxonian organization.
    For me the best wiki engine after 6 month of testing and trying almost all of them “on the market” is the engine of wikipedia, which is called “wikimedia” under GLP. But everyone has to find out *the* right wikiengine for his oder hers purposes for themselves.
    I simply link the wiki with the sourroundings of the other parts of the electronic corporate communications on screen.
    But one thing I would never do is, to mix different surfaces from different “enigines” or programms: a wiki is a wiki, a weblog remains a weblog, a forum is a forum and so forth. A surfer who comes along by chance on my sites should se at first glance, what´s going on. The effect of rembering “Oh that´s something I know I´ve seen it somewhere else before” psychologically to me is more worth than to have the same surface for all.
    People like to stay and rest at places they know and find comfy to handle.

    i’ve been trying to find a wiki for the same reasons and
    wanted it integrated into wordpress…i’m using WP to power
    internal documenting amongst the team so version tracking’s
    definitely on the wish-list…
    i’ve found this one –
    it’s in russian and development seems pretty active..has subdirectories and
    a pretty good search function..
    i’ll keep posting to this thread once i have something easily workable
    but for now, i’m just trying to integrate their user authentication.
    wish me luck 😉

    Sorry – mistyped HTML. Jens Alfke’s page is at

    If you are interested in Bliki, you might want to take a look at dwBliki dwBliki is a Bliki that combines WordPress and DokuWiki.

    I am still interested to know if anyone is developing a plugin that will turn WordPress into a Wiki 🙂

    – MENJ

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