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  • I’ve improved my wiki-links hack by implementing the other half of standard wiki-link functionality: if there isn’t already a post/page with the given name, the name will be displayed as normal text (not a link), but there will be a “[?]” marker after it. Clicking the marker takes you to the new-post form. The marker will only be displayed if the user has permission to post, so casual viewers won’t see any clutter; they won’t even know the potential wiki-link.
    I also fixed a bug in the main regular expression, and added the necessary boilerplate to make this work as a plug-in in WordPress 1.2.

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  • Hi snej,
    I went to your site to copy the code, but the .txt file you linked to shows up in the browser without line breaks (and of course i wouldn’t know where to put them all). Maybe if you save it as a .phps it would show up ok?

    anatman, using IE?

    anatman: Funny, same thing happens to me now, while it didn’t before with the old version — I think the server has decided it’s a different MIME type now.
    In any case, view the page and then use the View Source command to see the raw form. I’ll try .phps soon; is that a standard extension for representing PHP source?

    snej: It’s not a standard, but one gets to know that it’s the source of a php file, and it prevents the file from being processed as a php file.

    Thank you, “view source” did it. Sushubh, i am using Safari 1.2 (v 125).

    it showed me fine in opera and firefox… ie showed it like a mess :O(

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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