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  • Hello,

    I realize this is a bit off-topic, but I wanted to see if I can get some feedback on this.

    I’ve very recently started blogging. Maybe I’m stuck in old world thinking, but I’d like posts to be a bit more permanent, a bit more independent. For each post, I’d like a permanent page with a meaningful, static-looking URL, as you have with a Wiki. That way I can go back and build on a topic I had approached before. Also, each post can get indexed by search engines.

    I want the ease of use, the chronological presentation, the comment threading, and overall prettiness of a blog, but with the information publishing capabilities of a Wiki. I guess the main aspect of a Wiki is the communal editing capability; that’s not what I’m looking for in this context.

    Basically, I want a blog front-end for a Wiki. WordPress is so pretty. Is that unreasonable?

    This topic at my brand new blog:

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  • I think what you’re looking for is simply “permalinks.” Look it up in the Codex. (N.B. I would like to “get into” organizing my blog using human-readable permalinks but just haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to “migrate.”)

    I think you’re right, permalinks do indeed look like what I need. Much thanks. I’ll give mod_rewrite and permalinks a try and see how it goes. In theory, I could build my whole site (not just the blog) with WordPress, which would be nice.

    Forget mod_rewrite! I have mod_rewrite enabled on my server, yet couldn’t get it working as desired after quite some effort. So I just opted for having index.php as part of the url. Still pretty, still with a wiki like structure as you need, however without the accompanying hassles. It works everytime. For example my perma-links look like:
    Note the index.php in the middle!

    You can use Microwiki from:

    I think this is really what you want. As I can see, you’re using a modified version of Kubrick which is very suitable for this plug-in.

    Wish you luck!

    Another option is to use a blog-capable wiki, such as Oddmuse. Very good wiki, works as blog too but less polished appearance than WP et al.

    Maybe WordPress isn’t the right app for you. Have you checked out Drupal? They pitch it as the Wiki for Bloggers.

    oops, here’s a slight correction on my last post. Drupal is a CMS system. James Seng has used Drupal as a base to create his own project call “Drupal for Bloggers.” You can find his code here:

    Well, I played with mod_rewrite for a good couple of hours, but it simply refuses to work (loads up fine, seems to find .htaccess, does not rewrite anything). I share my host with a couple of friends, so I haven’t done major surgery yet, but I may get it to.

    Regarding the index.php as part of the url option, I was going to try that, but the rewrite url’s are prettier. Do you know if there are any search engine implications with the index.php option? That is, I seem to recall something about search engines not indexing dynamic pages well. Is there any truth to that, and if so, does the index.php case count as a dynamic page as far as search engines (Yahoo, Google) know, or does it treat it as static?

    Thanks for the pointers to the other options; they seem to be very related to what I’m looking for, so I’ll take a look and report back what I find. On the other hand, if mod_rewrite starts working, I’m almost where I want to be.

    I’m running into a non-technical issue though; as a matter of style, it seems most blog entries are short and not necessarily very subtantive. I like to hear myself talk, so my posts tend to be longer, and possibly not blog-like. I have to figure out what belongs in a blog and what doesn’t. On the other hand, my goal of having my blog software/wiki act as the content management/publishing platform for my whole site seems to be coming together.

    Moderator James Huff

    (@macmanx) runs off of PHPWiki and a converted version of Kubrick.

    AFAIK major search engines are fine nowadays with dynamic pages. In any case having an index.php in the url path doesn’t count as dynamic page. Having a question mark with a query string afterwards does as is in the default install. Even with the query string (dynamic url) mode I find that search engines these days are comfortable in indexing the pages and ranking them appropriately.

    I have a post about using permalinks without mod_rewrite (with index.php embedded) on WordPress 1.5.

    I just tried the permalinks with index.php embedded, and it worked right away. If search engines are happy with that, then I can guess live with this slightly less beautiful URLs. Much thanks.

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