• I have suggested on the docs list that we have a wiki day to address documentation issues.
    If you think you can help at all – and if you use WP you probably can – please check the list and we’ll see what we can put together ?
    Docs list link at the bottom of:

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  • Great idea, Podz-aroonie! Count me in.

    Moderator James Huff


    Out of curiosity, wouldn’t it be better to have a Codex day?

    Yea, same thing really.
    What I’m thinking is:
    – try to get some interest
    – set a date
    – both ask for particular points and find some holes in what’s there
    – do it
    It’s the first bit … if you are reading this, or you have said “Why can’t we do a wiki page” ….. we need you.

    I just registered to the mailing list. I’ll chek it out later, though. In the mean time, I’d like to suggest “A Tour Inside Admin Panel”. I don’t think we have it already, do we? It’ll be the one which will include screenshot and explain all the stuff that is the screenshot.

    Sounds good – the quicktags (and the more…….) could probably do with something specific

    So, hows this gonna work? We brainstorming and then podz make up the to do list make it available for others to tackle?

    Brainstorming is fine by me 🙂
    I’ll throw a date at the docs list too……

    @alphaoide – I don’t think your idea was wrong at all. I really like it in fact ! Go for it 🙂

    Anyone want to help ?

    I’ll gladly help Podz but feel [probably like a lot of others I imagine] that I have nothing to offer.
    I just don’t know enough really, but as I say,, I will gladly help out where I can 🙂

    I’m sure a lot of people would like to help, and think they know zip – but that’s not true.
    (This isn’t aimed at you Shadow !)
    Look at your blog.
    – Is there anything there that gave you a bit of trouble but you’ve now got the answer ?
    – Does your CSS look great in FF and IE because of a trick you learned here ?
    – Is there anything at all you could describe for the wiki ?
    Look at the Wiki.
    – Look at the FAQ. What’s missing ? Add the question (and even an answer) to that page
    – Look at existing pages – are they good enough ?
    (Point#1 – I’m not after punctuation experts here, okay ?)
    – Are the pages good enough but you’ve a sentence or two which would make it even better ?
    What the wiki is not about is for you to think you have to write great chunks of stuff. A line of two may be all that is needed.
    And if you don’t want to mess with the wiki, email your writings to me and I’ll put it into codex.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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