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  • Hello. Until last Tuesday, the wiki displayed properly all accents in the fr.po page. I can’t tell when it happenned, but by the end of the week, all the special characters in all versions of the page are now unreadable (both in the explanations and the actual PO-file part). I haven’t changed my browser setting (it’s UTF-8 both at work/Win2K and at home/WinXP, both o, IE6 and FFox0.8), and even tried with Opera 7.5, to no avail. Changing the browser’s page encoding doesn’t solve the problem (it even worsens it).
    So I’m wondering : has the general Wiki page encoding changed during the course of last week ? I was think the cause is a bad editing from someone else, but all versions of the page, starting with the first, are cursed with this.
    It seems other language do not have this problem. The es_ES.po uses special characters, but still displays it… then again the first version of that page dates from last Thursday, the day after my last checkup.
    All in all it’s not such a big deal to rewrite everything, but I’m wondering what caused it.
    Thanks for answering. And thanks for the 1.2-final POT 😉

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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