• Hello, I hope someone can please explain the relationship between WordPress and Wiki. I recently wanted to install MediaWiki, however I don’t meet the PHP 5 requirements. In my searching, I was lead to WordPress. I Have searched your site for definitions and am further confused by the relationship of WordPress+Wiki+Codex. My interest is in forming text for new Internet users interested about e-commerce, helping them with the learning curve of technical aspects in layman’s terms and meta. How is WordPress Similar? Thank you for the read and consideration.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    They aren’t similar.
    Wordpress used to use phpwiki a long time ago but then mediawiki came along so we switched to that. The only relationship they share is WordPress.

    As for the difference between WP and a wiki?
    They are entirely diffreent beasts which would need research elsewhere.

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