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  • Richard Archambault


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    So I’m using MU Domain mapping for a multisite install (no subdomains or subdirectory sites, purely mapped domains). When I’m logged in, and I go to the “My Sites” menu in the Admin Bar, I am presented with my sites. Strangely, if I hover over each site, out of the 7 sites I have, 5 show (where sitename is the site address as entered on the “Add New Site” page, correct?); my main domain shows up as (which is to be expected, as it’s my main domain!); and strangely enough, one of my sites shows up as, when I believe it should be like the other 5, no? It’s not a big deal, but it’s strange. It WAS the 1st site I made into a multisite, way back when MU was put into core, so maybe it’s something related to that?

    On another note (and I should make this a seperate issue, let me know!), any theme I try that uses TimThumb on a subsite has problems. The image paths don’t work, because they usually try to call timthumb.php in the subsite’s theme directory (which, obviously, doesn’t actually exist). Is there a way of fixing this without hard-coding paths in the themes? Shouldn’t the domain mapping prevent this kind of issue? On the Domain mapping settings page, I only have option 2 “Permanent redirect (better for your blogger’s pagerank)” checked. I’m not entirely clear what options 4 and 5 actually mean, and if they are responsible for my issue: “Redirect administration pages to site’s original domain (remote login disabled if this redirect is disabled)” and “Disable primary domain check. Sites will not redirect to one domain name. May cause duplicate content issues.”

    Otherwise, my little Network works just fine, I can post, see my sites with their own domains, etc. Just these little things are a bit confusing to me, and I’d like to have them cleared up!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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