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  • I have had a horrible time getting .72 to function with a multiple installation on my remotely hosted server. What is odd is that each time I would perform an install, I would check the index page to verify that it is working, then configure it and after a little while I would get a plethora of SQL errors. Upon returning to the index page the browser would wait, and wait, and wait and eventually time out after about 10 minutes. I would then receive errors from my SQL database saying that I have too many connections and it would lock me out.
    Well I finally came across what the problem was. After each setup, I would configure the server time offset. Apparently I missed a few because some would keep working whereas others would not only to find out that I had neglected to adjust the time difference on those that were working.
    Oddly enough, my first installation has a time offset and it works fine but if I have more than one installation with the time difference set none will load the index pages.
    The directory structure consists of WP installed in the root html directory and four or five subfolders holding their own installations as well.
    My question is A) is this a known issue or is there any fixes that are compatible with .72 that would allow me to have accurate time on all of my installations? And B) is this something that is likely lacking support on my webhost’s server moreso than being a WP issue?

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  • running 3 blogs on a single domain. all on subdomains.
    running 4 blogs on another domain. 3 subdomains 1 on the base folder.
    no problems faced… :O) so it’s not WP.

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