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  • Hello,
    i had installed montezuma in my blog long ago and now i got my adsense approved. So when i added 300×250 banner in my widget, i could see that the widget sidebar is just showing 250 px width. Where i also saw that my facebook like box by jetpack has got a width of 300px. Can anyone help me solve this problem and help me increase the width of the widgets. Also the WP Smash Social plugin has also got some height problems. Do help me solve it.

    my blog:


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  • You theme’s sidebar already seems to have a width of 320px. Open the style.css file and have a look at line 4

    .col4 {
        width: 320px;

    The width you are seeing could be because of your monitor’s resolution.

    The theme uses CSS media queries so on line 31 a width of 240px is set for screens whose width is less than 959px.

    @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {
    .col4 {width:240px}

    im currently on a laptop which has got a display size of 13.3 inches. Most of the people in the world use this screen size and they will also be served the same half ads. So, is there any solution for this?



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    Most of the people in the world use this screen size

    On what do you base that claim?

    Even though col4 has a width of 320px, widgetarea-one has padding of 20px on either side, which means the widgets only display 280px wide (320px – 20 px – 20px). If you want to eliminate the padding, go into your layout.css virtual CSS file and change this:

    /* A sidebar */
    #widgetarea-one {
    	padding: 	0 20px;

    to this:

    /* A sidebar */
    #widgetarea-one {
    	padding: 	0 0px;

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with your Mash widget, but I don’t think it’s a problem with Montezuma. Try posting a question on their support page.

    @crouchingbruin There doesn’t seem to be a layout.css in prasannamesta’s blog.So he should go to line 445 of style.css and make the change.

    And as for the Mash widget it is due to the box-sizing set to border-box

    * {
      -moz-box-sizing: border-box;

    This can be overridden for the widget alone by adding the following CSS code

    #mash-other-social * {
      -moz-box-sizing: content-box;

    @jesin, I don’t think you understand how the Montezuma theme works.

    In general, suggesting a change to a theme’s style.css file is risky in that if the theme is ever updated, then those changes are lost. The suggested method of modifying a theme is to first create a child theme. However, in cases where just CSS is being changed, using a stylesheet or CSS plugin may be better if the theme itself does not have a custom CSS option.

    However, the Montezuma theme is different than most themes in that developers make changes to “virtual” CSS files, which are stored in a database. That way, developers don’t have to create a child theme in order to make updates, and they won’t lose their changes if the theme ever gets updated. The virtual CSS files are then used to create the style.css file. If the developer were to directly change the style.css file, those changes would be overwritten once any other change was made in any of the virtual CSS files.

    @crouchingbruin I tried this theme on a local server and now I understand how it works.

    It seems Montezuma saves the contents of all files under the “CSS Files” section to /wp-content/uploads/montezuma/style.css.

    The file at /wp-content/themes/montezuma/style.css is simply used to store the theme header info and some wordpress classes.

    Correct. Hope you enjoy playing with the theme. One of the really strong features of the theme is the use of virtual templates, making it easy to customize the appearance/layout of any page, or to create custom templates for special pages. For example, if you wanted a page that didn’t have any sidebars, it’s easy to create a template for it. If you wanted the sidebar on the left, instead of the right, easy to do. Plus, it’s easy to create widget areas in different places, like the header, footer, or even in the main content area, not just the sidebar.

    yes, thanks to CrouchingBruin, my sidebar problem is solved but now, i need another help for ads in between the posts.
    Here is the link:

    In this post, i have added adsense at the end of the article but for me, only the top half of the ad is being displayed. Can you tell me thw solution for this.


    That is due to the width of the .col8 (640px) and the width (728px) of the ad. Increasing the width to 760px will work.

    .col8 {
      width: 760px;

    But that would move the sidebar down so you need to increase the width of the entire page too.

    .row, .row5, .lw {
      width: 1080px;

    I suggest you place a smaller ad like 468 x 60 instead.

    The iframe doesn’t have the correct height calculated, for some reason. Try adding this CSS at the end of your various.css virtual file:

    #aswift_0_anchor iframe {
       height: auto;

    That should display the full height of the ad, but as jesin pointed out, the width of the ad is a bit wider than the width of col8. You may not notice it on some ads, but if you look at it on a narrower viewport, like a smartphone or maybe a tablet, it will become more apparent. The problem is that the ad isn’t designed to be responsive like the theme, so it’s going to look chopped off in some cases.

    As far as changing the width of columns or rows, you really can’t do that very easily, if at all. Montezuma is based on a 12 column grid system, with either a 960px width or a 100% width. Right now, you have a 960px responsive grid selected, meaning your column widths must add up to 960px if you want the responsiveness to work correctly. If you want to adjust the main content area to be wider, you give it a higher class name, like col9 or col10, but you then have to adjust the class of the sidebar down to col3 or col2, so it adds up to 12. I would take jesin’s recommendation and choose a narrower ad format, if one is available. See the documentation under Montezuma Options > CSS Settings > Editing CSS and Choose CSS Grid.

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