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  • Looking for a little help here.

    I have set my width to 880px and the div is growing but the cirrus “ball” still stays the same width. I change the radius from auto to something else but then the tags start getting cut off/disappearing on the left side and going above the height bounds.

    Anyone have any hints as to how to grow the cirrus ball width wise? I don’t mind it moving out of the div but I do need it to spread out to the right a bit more.

    Hopeing someone can save me some hours of going through the code for this one.

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  • My problem was not with the same extensive width but with containing the text within a narrower sidebar.
    I tried this code in the cirruscloud.css file as has been suggested by another member-
    #cirrusCloudWidget {
    overflow: hidden;
    This kept the text hidden to the left but not the right.
    I tinkered with two items and ended up with a pretty good fit:
    1. Extended the sidebar proportion in the style.css file to 23% from 20%
    2. Replaced the overflow:hidden; with margin-left:13px; in the cirruscloud.css file
    The containment can be seen in the left sidebar of my site

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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