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  • I am new to blogging and am trying to get to grips with trying to change the Default theme. I have changed the images to something along the lines of the look I’m aiming for – so far so good. What I want to do is move away from the centralised look and move to using the full page. I am thinking along the the lines of 75% for the index and 25% for the sidebar. How do I do this within the Default theme?

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  • I would strongly encourage you to find a different theme and modify IT, instead of wrestling with the Kubrick flavor…

    Check out for example. See if you find a theme that has layout similar to what you want and customize as necessary.

    Agreed. Kubrick isn’t a theme to be messing with the widths too much. It will break IE.

    if your heart is set on doin that with the kubrick it’s actualy not that bad to fix up, but ya gota ditch the BG images…ive ditched all but one and replaced it with a better one.

    you can check mine out…thing looks good in all sizes of monitors from normal ta wide screen.

    if ya like it…all it is is a few changes in the css, header, sidebar and index page. If ya try ta mess with them though doit in very small increments and constantly check them in IE and FF.

    take a peek…

    www dot bcoffroad dot ca

    adn the side bar right now needs ta be moved over just a wee bit for the widescreens but im busy right now on some other aspects…ill dial it in soon though 😉

    thanks chillbilly, i have been wanting to see someone’s mod of kubrick with the backgrounds deleted and width expanded… had thought of trying that myself, wasn’t sure how hard it would be.

    that is bizarre how your pictures smash up skinny, when I drag the browser-window really skinny. I have never seen that kind of stretching action on a JPG on a website?

    ha!…never noticed it yet…ill have ta check it!

    to check my site while doin the mods..i had ta move slow then drive down to future shop and check it on their widscreen display laptops…lol

    it was a wierd job ta do…ill try to remember the steps for ya if youd like.

    part of the problem from what i remember is there are two css files…or locations that their commin from…once you ditch the images that make up that kubrick center piece your left with a new page with work needing done in the stylesheet..had to actualy remove some things from the css till i was left with just one BG image and all the rest of the sites options their.

    then i had to add a bunch of stuff to the css to change the font colors and link colors.

    then had to slowley but surely change stuff from px to %.

    if ya go too wide with the main colum the side bar will drop…same with if ya go too wide with the side bar.

    gota watch the margins too..just one mod at a time and then check it.

    i gota touch it up a bit but need to get ta work on other things 1st.

    oh yea…try to remember that explorer actualy add margins and spaceing to what you have allready…so if ya think its close then your probably too

    ive stuck in a line or two of code tellin IE ta not be doin that so my sites a bit gimped in IE but sweet in FF…thats an important tweek i gota get too soon.

    HA! just squished it down ta palm treo screen size in FF…it all fit!!! lol

    sept when i navigated to the forums i noticed a few things still set with pxle sizes.

    wonder if i can set this baby up to be veiwed on a mini monitor!!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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