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  • Resolved sageyoung


    Amazing plugin. By far the very best testimonials plugin I’ve tested.

    I’ve run into a strange bug though.

    After adding a 3 groups, and assigning testimonials to those groups the widgets screen shows up blank.

    Restoring the database to before assigning the groups fixes the problem. So does de-activating the plugin.

    Re-creating the groups causes it to show up again. Same with re-activating the plugin.

    Do you know of what might be causing this, and the fix?

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Can you check and see if there is an error_log file in your public_html or public_html/wp-admin/ folders?

    Also, please let me know what the group names you adding are named. I definitely want to get this fixed asap.

    I’m using Multi-site, developing on a local Mamp server. I can’t see any error log files in the wordpress directory.

    The group names:
    3 Display-Primary [hms_testimonials group=”3″]
    4 Display-Secondary [hms_testimonials group=”4″]
    1 Results [hms_testimonials group=”1″]
    2 Review [hms_testimonials group=”2″]

    I’m not sure if it was adding the groups that caused it. That is what changed though before the bug showed. It could also have been when I was changing the groups the individual testimonials linked to once the group names were added.

    De-activating the plugin restores the widgets screen.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Ok. I will be tracking this down later today and this weekend. Once I find it, the update will be 2.0.7. I will also respond to this thread triggering an email notification if you have subscribed to it.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    I have fixed another bug with multisite. That is the testimonials not showing on the main testimonial page.

    I setup a multi-site install and have added testimonials and groups to 3 sites. Along with assigning them to their various groups and can’t get a blank screen on the widgets.

    Can you add an error log entry on your vhost in MAMP?

    ErrorLog /path/where/you/want/the/error.log

    Hi there,

    I’m checked around the MAMP settings. I don’t see where I can specify an error log. Sorry 🙁

    If you have the updated code though I can test it and see if the bug is fixed.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey sageyoung,

    I have pushed an update this morning. Please check it to see if this fixed your issue.

    If not:

    After looking up MAMP (I use XAMPP go figure) the error log file should be in
    MAMP/logs/php_error.log If you are on windows change / to \

    If you can find that sucker and send me anything related to the plugin that would be great.


    I just updated. Still seeing the same bug.

    I cleared the error logs for apache, mysql, and php in the MAMP directory. Then loaded the widgets page: /wp-admin/widgets.php

    Then went back to the error logs. No errors showed up in the logs after loading the widgets page.

    Hopefully it’s just a mamp issue. I will be transferring to a live server in the few days. We’ll see if the bug persists on the live server.

    Plugin Author Jeff K



    When you go live please let me know if it’s works or not.

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