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  • I cant get any of the stuff in my sidebar to go away… Ive tried moving the widgets around in the Design tab, but it doesnt matter what I add or remove. This occurs regardless of what theme I have selected. v2.5. Here is the site:


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  • still having this problem… I’ve reverted back to 2.3.3 but the issue still exists… I then went BACK to 2.5, but the issue is STILL there… I installed 2.5 on another domain I own, and the widgets work fine… How can I fix MY site?


    Some of those “widgets” are not really widgets. If you examine your theme files, you will likely see one named sidebar.php — check and see which ones are written into the code and won’t let you modify them.

    You can go into the design settings all day long and they’re never going to go away that way if they’re written into your template, and reverting back to 2.3.3 will certainly never work.

    The code which generates those things in your sidebar is likely there, tho I caution you on commenting on php files unless you know what you’re doing, or you run the risk of creating php errors.

    What do you want? A blank page with no sidebar at all? You should create a template for a blank page and add it to your theme, then republish whatever page you’re trying to fix. Unless you really don’t want a sidebar, and in that case I don’t know what to suggest.

    No, Im simply trying to gain the use of organizing the widgets in the Design tab… Right now, all of the widgets are active (even tho thats not how I have it setup in the Design tab)

    How would the sidebar.php have been altered in the upgrade?

    in other words, if I want to ADD a widget, it wont let me… it will put it in the Active widgets column, but it does not appear on the page. And vice versa… if I want to remove one, and take it out of the Active column, it stays on the page. The Widgets tab on the Design tab has no control over the widgets for some reason… Even if I edit the sidebar.php… example, I just removed the Meta tab from the sidebar.php, and it took it off the blog. But if I go to the Widgets tab and put the Meta widget back in the active column, it does not show back up on the blog.


    Sounds to me like there’s an issue with your theme. Are you 100% positive that your theme and template are WordPress 2.5 compatible? See, some of this reaches back into the history of WordPress when widgets were done with a plugin. Widgets are now part of WordPress itself.

    The way to test this is to work backwards. Does the problem follow if you switch to the WordPress default theme? If widgets do work in the default theme then you have your answer.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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