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    One of my projects should use version 2.5. Until the beginning of the week I used version 2.3.3 to develop it. Some of my plugin’s widgets do work and some of them only partially. Just imagine this:

    • All Widgets are offered (visible to be added to widgetbars in the widget admin)
    • All can actually be added (by javascript) to one of the three widgetbars.
    • Some of them can be saved to the widgetbars. That means, If I reload the whole page from scratch, the widgets are still configured.
    • Some of them do not save, they disappear after submit.
    • Some of them save, but are not displayed on the website.
    • Some of them even display on the website.

    So this all is quite esoteric and I do not want to guess on this only because of how it looks like in the frontend, I’d just like to know, if there is any confirmed information of what changed in the widgets API and where can I find this information online?

    I will stick on the Issue and if it might be the case, I will debug it as well. But Information about the changes are much more appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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