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  • This is a strange problem. I host my blogs on HostGator. 2 weeks ago, everything was fine.

    A few days back, we discovered that some blogs, the HTML editor was not working. That is, when you try to EDIT there is no text inside the box for you to edit. Word count = 0. When we switch to non-HTML mode, can edit with no issue.

    Then, we discovered that the Widgets could not be updated. The Widgets page in Admin, we could no longer drag and drop, and the drop down editing of each widget no longer works. Whatever I have in the Sidebar still appears on my site, but I can no longer EDIT any content in the Widgets.

    Here is the stranger thing. All my blogs are on different versions of WordPress. Some are 3.3, some are 3.5. But ALL have the above problem.

    I have been looking for a solution for the past few days and I tried changing to default theme and so on… nothing seems to work. I hate to have to re-install all the blogs. Do you think the problem will be solved when WordPress next updates?

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