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  • This is my first WP and I can’t get the widgets that are showing on my Homepage, to show on any other page on my site, but the columms are there for them. I’m using Academica.
    Thanks anyone and everyone!!!

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  • Are there any more widget areas in Appearance -> Widgets?

    Hi. I hate to appear dumb, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “widget areas”. I went to Appearance>Widgets and I have tons of available widgets, and I have about 5 that I have on my homepage: Facebook interface, text, I put an amazon shopping logo so the school families could shop via amazon and the school gets a %, but my problem is that these will only show up on my homepage and not on any other page. Same thing with the custom menu widget I put on the left sidebar of my homepage…but it doesn’t show on any other page.
    I’m sure you can tell what a novice I am and my head is spinning! lol

    No Worries.

    How many boxes appear on the right hand side, You should be able to click the arrow to open them up.

    lol oh. There are 9 boxes available.
    Sidebar left, right, middle

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just solved this for me as we speak. I was going down the 9 boxes available and realized that there are ones that say Homepage, and there are ones that say Pages! duh! Hello???

    Oh my oh my, Ben, you are wonderful! I’m going to look like a WP wiz to all the other moms that are working with me on this. lolol


    Let me know if you need any more help.


    Wellllllllllll…how bout one more for the road?

    We all are baffled by something. We have the All-In-One Calendar that we have in our widget area Right Homepage Sidebar and it lists our events coming up for the month. It has a little calendar date in a square and then when you mouse over it, our text shows up on what’s happening. But, if you click on it, it should automatically take you to a page with that specific text on it but expanded. I know this because that widget worked before I changed the theme 3 days ago. But it doesn’t work now. I get an error message that says…

    Home ยป
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/content/69/9952569/html/wp-content/themes/academica/functions/wpzoom-functions.php on line 328

    I went to the forum earlier and found a post that said to try and re-install Academica…but I’m so afraid to for fear that I’ll lose everything if I delete this Academica in order to install it again1 The moms would kill me. lol

    What cha think, my friend.

    I am downloading the theme to investigate now.


    omg….I’m awed. Thank you…even if you can’t figure it out..I’m still awed.


    That is in the breadcrumbs function.

    This will need some more advanced help.

    Can you contact me via the contact form here so we can converse over email instead of the public forums.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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