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  • The [widgets_on_pages] shortcode works brilliantly in various pages where I’ve used it, but when I enter the shortcode in a buddypress post on the same website the resulting page just shows the shortcode itself rather than the result of it. I’ve fiddled around for hours trying to get it to work and you wouldn’t have thought it would be beyond the wit of man to be able to manage that, but I’m afraid I’ve failed 🙁

    I’m guessing(!) that this is fairly straightforward to implement – would you be able to let me know where to modify the bbpress files to allow the shortcode to run? Many, many thanks in advance!

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  • Just to follow up my own question, it might be more complicated than I’d thought. I’m fairly confident that the snippet I need to add is
    add_filter( 'bp_get_the_topic_post_content', 'do_shortcode' );
    and that should go in the theme’s functions.php file but here’s where it gets tricky.
    Buddypress doesn’t have a ‘theme’ as such, certainly there isn’t a theme for it to select in Appearance > Themes, and all its theme-type files reside in the plugin directory instead. The initial question is whether to place the snippet in the ‘buddypress’ plugin, or in the ‘bbpress’ plugin – I can’t seem to get my head round which one of those is responsible for the theme layout.
    I can’t believe I’m so close but so far!!!

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