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  • I am unable to drag and drop my widgets in order to customize the sidebars on (it’s already build, however, I just want to make adjustments) and to a site that I am building for a friend The template I am using worked fine while I was building the site; however, I only noticed that their was a problem when I was trying to rebuild a new site with the same template (I tried my version and my friend’s version of the template that he bought). Still, to no avail. Also, the banner does not “slide,” which is what originally led me to believe that there was a problem.

    I am not sure if it is template related, hosting related, WordPress related, etc. I just need help so that I can continue to build this site for my friend.



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  • Currently, I my hosting company is in the process of restoring my site; however, it should be up shortly. This “widget” fiasco is causing a lot of problem. 🙂

    Chris Olbekson


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    The problem is most likely related to a javascript conflict. If your theme enqueues it’s own version of jQuery or JQuery UI the widget drag and drop will break because older versions of jQuery UI are not compatible with the newer versions of JQuery and vise versa.

    You can test this by doing this:
    Disable or delete all plugins and switch to the default theme (TwentyEleven since 3.3). After making these changes does the problem still occur? If no, re-enable everything one by one to see which component causes the problem.

    Thanks, Chris. I have since then corrected that issue by working with the hosting company. Now, after doing that, I have two separate issues (two difference sites).

    1. My pages are not reading on the live site. I get a “404” message even though my pages are set up fine on WP and are loaded into the Menu properly (I know this because they were working perfectly before all of this happened)

    2. I cannot get the pages I created to appear on the live site in the main menu bar. Even though I load them into the Menu, they still do not appear on the live site.

    Thanks for the help!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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