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  • Ok so I am using a plugin to help build my site. I went to google for adwords and they said I had an external link yadda yadda I need to get rid of it. Well I went into the main page of and took out their link code. I also went into the footer of my theme and took out a line that was giving a link to wordpress and the sliding door theme.

    Well I went to look at my site and now the widgets are gone. Well I can see the short code but it is not loading my contact forms and buttons.

    Can someone please help me out here. I know it has to be an easy fix. Just go to the site and click on one of the sliding tiles at the top. The pages have columns but the widgets aren’t showing.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ya’ll

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  • Good Guy


    Are you an expert in PHP/HTML/CSS? If NO then why have you gone all the way to start deleting things when somebody here would have suggested another approach that would have been safer and keeping your theme in a perfect working order.

    First thing in WP blogs/sites is to never work with CORE files. Never. Second, you always create a child theme of your theme and do all the necessary changes in it.

    So now the damage is done, I suggest re-install the theme and then activate it. After that read this document:

    When you have created a child theme, you can now go around using your expertise in PHP/HTML/CSS without breaking anything by changing the child theme in any way you want because there is absolutely nothing in it.

    Hope this gets you on the right path.

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