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  • There’s numerous similar posts on this, but I can’t find a solution OR a cause mentioned, only a work around.

    When I update widgets (either change widgets OR change content in a widget) the pages no NOT automatically update — ie they seem to serve a cached edition of the page.

    This seems to be a hosting problem as it happens on two sites on the same host, but not on another site I host on my own Mac server.

    — I’ve confirmed this in two separate themes and on two separate sites on the same Hosting provider
    — It’s the same in Firefox & Safari
    — No update is displayed even AFTER the cache is cleared in the browser
    — I’m not using any caching plugins either for widgets or WP overall.

    The work around is to simply switch to another theme, open the page, then switch back to the original theme and the past changes in the widgets display, but this is a real pain to do EVERY time you make a small change.

    Any suggestions as to anything I’m missing would be much appreciated, in addition to possible causes or settings I need to look into to fix this — especially as others seem to experience similar problems.


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  • My problem started on Tuesday. Now my updates on my fan page that I manually create on the Facebook page are not updating on my widget on my wordpress blog.

    Does anyone know how to correct this issue? If the content stays stale, I will have to take the fb fan page off my site.


    Hey Guys. Any luck with a solution? I’m having the same issue as well. I’ve tried everything. We’re doing a server reboot today, which “may” help as our last ditch effort to remedy this, but…

    I’m having the same problem and can’t figure out why! When I change my theme, and then change it back to the one that I want to use, the widgets are all there. But, if I don’t change themes, the widgets don’t show- in fact, all of the pages don’t even match! Any thoughts on what is going on?

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