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  • Im using Sodelicious Green theme. All of a sudden, I want to add a new widget on the side to get a marketing thing verified for more traffic. I put the code in a text widget and hit save. I go to my home site and nothing is updated. I go back to the widget page and re-open the text widget and its empty. Nothing is saving.

    Why is this? I went to my sidebar.php and added the verify code but its not where I want it to be exactly. Why is this occuring?

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  • Are you using WP-Cache? Clear the cache to see changes like that immediately.

    I tried using WP-Cache and I couldnt configure it correctly. I downloaded 1Blogger and ran that and it worked for a minute, but then after I tried moving the widget, the text box went empty and the change didnt show up on my site. Yet, the blog rush widget is still where I had it. Whats wierd is in the widget options page under presentation, the text 7 is where i want it, but its blank. but everything is where i dont want it on my blog. im lost.

    I’m a bit lost myself, now. 🙂

    Okay, so you added the widget and put it in the right place and hit the Save Changes button. That should be all you need to do. If the widget is not appearing on your page after that, then you have a caching problem somewhere. Whether it’s WP-Cache doing caching, or your browser doing caching, or something else…

    Is the widget still correct on the widgets config page? If so, then clear your browser cache, and reload your main blog page from scratch. Is it correct now? If not, move some other widgets around, do they move when you want them to? Are you sure your blog is using widgets at all? These are the things you need to check, one at a time.

    Seems like everything is fixed, but it just seems to take an hour or two for the changes to load.

    Which was sort of my point. If you have a caching plugin like WP-Cache (or anything similar), then your changes may not be visible immediately.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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