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  • Had widgets on my pages lined up and beautiful and I decided they needed borders and background. When I added borders the bottom border of the top widget was “hidden” by something I could not see. I moved the bottom widget down slightly and when I saved and viewed the top widget had moved up almost under the banner and the bottom widget moved to the bottom of the page. Its as if something invisible is taking up space in the sidebar area where I am trying to put the widgets. I will add back in and save so that you can see the result although I have removed all widget from all my pages and started over several times. It continues to happen.

    Thanks in advance for helping me solve this!

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  • To troubleshoot, take these steps:

    A) Deactivate Jetpack Plugin.
    B) Deactivate ShareDaddy Plugin.
    C) Attempt to add a default WP widget to the Sibebar.

    Report Back.

    I realize these are what you are trying to add to site, but they appear to be the issue with your site layout/theme/css.

    Check settings in both.

    Thanks. I deactivated Jetpack and the sharing plugin I was using – don’t think I had ShareDaddy but what I was using to share is now gone. (I think)

    Added a widget box in the sidebar and added the fb categories widget. ITs not showing up at all. It is currently showing installed when I view in visual editor but not at all on the live site. I did save!
    Any other ideas? Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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