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    I’ve got my desktop theme and my mobile theme. I’ve set it up so that both have a mobile sidebar. The one on the desktop side doesn’t actually output a sidebar, it’s just being registered. I’ve added the sidebar to both templates in the functions.php.

    I can select the proper widgets in the mobile widget selector, but they don’t actually show up when I view them on my iPhone.

    Anyone know what might be going amiss here? It seems straightforward enough but it just won’t work.


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  • Just for the sake of resolving this, I found that I needed to have the sidebars named the same. For my desktop site I’m using the template roots. So I registered my sidebar as roots-mobile on both the desktop and mobile and now the widgets are displaying correctly.

    Hello, I’m using 2 different themes for the desktop and the mobile version with different sidebars names…where can I change this name to use the same in both themes?

    In the functions.php for your main template find where your sidebars are being registered. Usually they’re formatted themename-sidebarlocation for their naming convention. In my instance in my main theme I added a sidebar that didn’t actually exist in the actual main template, in this case roots-mobile, then registered the same sidebar in the functions.php of my mobile template.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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