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  • I can add widgets to the sidebar, but if I add text or data to them and save it doesn’t permanently save, it will disappear. For instance if I take a Text widget and put it in the sidebar, and put a title and some text, the title and text will disappear as soon as I leave widgets. I have this with two blogs, one I just upgradded to 2.8 and one I installed as 2.8. The widgets worked fine in 2.7.

    I am seeing other forum posts on this so suspect it is widespread.

    Is there some file permission I am missing?

    Anyone running 2.8 able to add new widgets (try text) and add text to it and have it save?

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  • FYI I just went into firefox and was able to save a change to my text sidebar widget once, but it failed when I tried a second change.

    I had been using IE8 before. At first thought it was abrowser issue, but doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Ok so Firefox does seem to save semi consistently. It’s a little clunky though and I did get a DB error one time that wiped out what was entered.

    I am having a similar problem, but I have not upgraded to WP 2.8 yet.

    The text widget does not work at all – I cannot add a new text box and I cannot edit an existing one.

    Other widgets seems to be working OK…I sure could use some help as I am unable to manage my affiliate ads at the moment–all are set up using text boxes for the HTML and scripts.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has some thoughts.

    I’m having the same issue. No text widgets work. I have tried through FF and Safari just to check. I have not upgraded to 2.8 yet. Help? I need to update an affiliate ad quickly…

    I have this problem too.
    If I try to add a new text widget it seems to work until I hit save. At that point the count of widgets is incremented but the new widget disappears.
    Editing of existing widgets appears to be working, until I hit ‘Save’ at which time all text widgets have only the content they had prior to the edits. I have not yet upgraded to 2.8
    All seemed to be working until yesterday. Yesterday I upgraded to Firefox 3.5. However the problem seems to be independent of the browser used – I have tried Chrome & IE7

    I’m also having problems edditing text widgets. Creating and saving a text widget is not a problem. But when I edit a text widget (only changing the text) the changes are not saved after I click on “save”.

    I’m using latest WordPress version and IE8.

    I was having this frustrating problem also, using the latest WordPress and IE8. I also have a copy of Firefox though and when I changed my widgets there it saved okay. So Firefox seems a little more stable in the area.

    It appears WordPress-hosted blogs are also encountering this text widget problem, and support is fixing it on an individual basis.

    My text widgets will also not execute. After saving and closing the text widget, it doesn’t execute. When I go back to that text widget, the code is gone.

    Pre-existing text widgets still function. If they disappear, however, I can’t replace them, because a new or replacement text widget won’t execute the code.

    I’m using WP 2.8.6 with 5 plug-ins: Akismet 2.2.6, OIO Publisher 2.22, Polldaddy 1.7.4, Twitter 1.0.3, and WP Stats 1.5. I deactivated PHP Code Widget (Otto) but it made no difference. I am not using Openhook or Logic.

    This is killing me! Please advise. Thanks.

    Are there any answers to this problem? I’m having the same problem – I add text widgets, save, appear on the site, then when I go back to the same place to add another code, the first one is gone and is not on the site. I just upgraded to the latest WP version, and I’m using Firefox. Any help out there?

    Same problem here. WordPress 2.9.1 however neither FF or IE will work. No widgets save – none at all….



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    @simonnicol: Post a new topic.

    There is a solution to this problem.

    It’s the wierdest bug you can imagine – LOL. It’s got to do with the JavaScript engine. FF is faster than IE at running JS which is why it seems to affect FF less than IE…

    This definately needs to be reported as a bug – no kidding.

    Here’s how to fix it.

    WordPress widgets not saving or dragging?



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    Sorry but I take that link with a big pinch of salt. I repeat – please post a new topic.

    [EDIT] Sorry – just spotted your new topic. I’ll close this one now to keep the discussions all in one place.

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